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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Something Very Important and not much talked about

Hi everyone- this is a quick entry, so forgive me if I don't make much sense here.
I was listening to Focus on The Family earlier this evening, and there was a subject which REALLY touched me - more like smacked me upside the head. The guest was talking about child prostitution and sex slavery.

I realize that this is a very uncomfortable and sad subject, but it is one which needs to have as much exposure as possible. There are millions of children all over the world who are either kidnapped, manipulated or sold into the sex trade every year and this has GOT TO STOP! In America alone, there are more kids being brought (or should I say bought) from other countries and sold into horrifying and downright heart breaking conditions.

If you have a child, or know someone who does- you CAN help make a difference. Please visit these sights and read how you can help spot a child victim in your neighborhoods and cities. Please pass this information on.

It is a hard subject that no one wants to talk about- and in the USA alone, there are millions of seeming regular men who have a secret addiction to pornography. Please, it starts off so simple, but can and will hurt loved ones, hurt the perp and eventually will lead to criminal behavior.

I ask you as a friend, a sister in Christ and as a mom- please let's all make this something known, something that those who prey on innocent youngsters and children would want to go away. Let's not go away! God Bless and let's help some kids!

Thank you- love Carolyn

6 Ways to Take Action Against
Child Sex Slavery in America

Defenders USA Defending Children against Commercial Sex

Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking Project

Focus on the family broadcast-


Nelishia said...

God Bless you for posting this. I always believed in my heart that the many teenagers and small children who end up missing are kept alive in a hell beyond our imagination. I saw Natalie Grant give a testimony months ago on James Robeson's show about what she and her husband saw in a brothel in the Phillipines, children in cages. We're gently trying to teaching Katie to listen to us and pay attention to her surroundings and some stranger danger tips too. Without scaring the poor baby half to death. I also think that the other children who are never found are taken and sacrificed in satanic rituals but that is the conspiracy theorist coming out in me and that is a subject that no one talks about either because it's also too horrifying to believe. But it exists right under our noses.

Thank you for posting this topic of difficult subject. It may be difficult to read but we have to do something about it.


Heli gunner Tom said...

Thanks for the post, Carolyn. Sad subject that gets swept under the carpet, especially in economic hard times. But with all the BS on the so-called "News", wouldn't you think that those turkeys could draw more attention to this issue|??


Bill said...

Here in Las Vegas the Police make arrests of child prostitutes and their pimps a lot. It is a sad but, true reality of what happens to a lot of child run aways who think that the world is not cruel. I suggest that everyone talk to a Vice Cop and you will be amazed. We all need to help stop this.
Regards, Bill

Valerie said...

I visited the site and signed the petition and sent away for their booklet. This tears away at my heart. Makes me feel so heavy and sad. I hope I can do more. Thanks so much for posting this, Carolyn. Love, Val xox

Jenny said...

Unfortunately this is something that goes on right around the world. Slavery is alive and kicking. I pray that God will expose it wherever it is.
Jenny <><

Penny said...

Unfortunately, I've seen it first hand in Mexico. Not 3 miles from our ministry, 3 children we chained, beaten, starved and raped. They were removed alive. However because of the type of abuse and length, placement was nearly impossible. I know it happens here as well. We must pray and we must fight. Thank you for posting this and thanks also for the birthday wishes. Blessings, Penny