No Apologies Round Two

"Few if any recent generations could sit with a Bible in one hand and their newspapers in the other and see the fulfillment of prophecy, but for us it’s almost routine." Jack Kelly

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Where's Jesus and Why are You Still Here?

There has been a lot of press coverage and excitement by some from  as they await the final hours before the end of the world.  I don't mean this article to make fun of people who believe in Jesus' return or the rapture- I believe in the rapture, and I know from His Word that He is coming again soon!

The key phrase here however, is His Word.  What we have with a man named Harold Camping and his Family Radio followers is another cult who makes false prophecies and teaches false Christianity.  What we will have today and the next little while are some very disappointed and poor people who have been disillusioned by Camping's teachings, and more ridicule, mockery and disgust from non Christians because of the fact that yet another false teacher prophesied the time and day of Christ's rapturing His own.  (note here- I tried to set the link to Camping's page, but it's not available!)

Clearly the people who followed Camping have no knowledge of the Scriptures- the Word of Christ, especially when He tells us in Matthew 24:35, 36- Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away, But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven but my Father only.  And from Matthew 24:42, Watch therefore:for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.

What part of these two, out of many scriptures do some people have a problem with?  Again, false prophets and teachers were also told to us by the Lord as a warning not to be swayed and deceived into following them.  Clearly, Camping, who has falsely predicted the Lord's return before (back in 1994) and he still has enough followers who believed his math calculations would be correct this time around.  They believe so much in a man, not the Lord Himself, that most of them sold off all their possessions before yesterday in order to spend what they believed to be the last day in fellowship, or with family "tearfully saying goodbye".  How sad.

It needn't be sad if you read the Lord's Word.  I know with all my heart and mind that He is coming soon, as He gave us signs to look for which would point to His coming.  I also trust and believe Him when He says "sell everything and wait for me". OOPS!! Except Jesus never said that. Well, He did tell a rich man to sell all his possessions, but that was because the rich man had asked Jesus what he should do to follow Jesus. Jesus knew the man valued his money over everything, He knew the man's heart, so He told him to give everything away, knowing, as the man did, he would walk away.   There is no scriptural based reason why people ought to give or sell everything they have in order to wait for Christ to come.  What we are supposed to do is be about His business until He comes back, by telling others the Good News of His Salvation.

Yes, I know that Jesus is coming soon, and if you read the Word of Jesus then you know He is getting ready, without telling us the exact hour.   As in Mark 13:28-30 Jesus tells us to, Learn a parable of the fig tree when her branch is yet tender and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is near: So ye in like manner, when ye shall see these things come to pass, know that it is nigh, even at the doors. Verily I say unto you, that this generation shall not pass, till all these things be done.

A quick and short lesson on this verse  is that when Jesus talks about the fig tree, He is talking about the rebirth of the Israeli nation.  Remember, in Jesus' day, Israel was no longer a nation, the Jews were scattered throughout the Roman Empire.  In 1948 Israel was once again, after thousands of years, a nation again.  The branches have been growing strong and putting forth leaves ever since 1967 when Israel defeated the nations which came against her.  The generational countdown has started, and from all the signs that Jesus tells us to watch for, we know His Word is True.

I pity those who have nothing and are still here after believing so hard He would come today- and I pray they will not lose all belief, but instead of trusting in false prophets, they will find their salvation in Jesus Christ and learn and study His Word.  For those who scoff and claim Jesus' return as a fairy tale, or some who do not believe because people have been waiting for 2000 years, I pray you will see the events around the world- and especially in and around Israel today and read the Bible, as it's all been written about. Read and watch. His return may not be today, but He will be coming soon, and I hope you will be ready!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Arab Spring, Israel's , Freedom's Winter

It's been a while since I've dissected a political speech. I will offer no apologies for being sarcastic in my opinions here, as this is the only way I can respond to such lies and appeasement. Keep in mind, the bits in red are quotes taken from Obama's speech.

"For six months, we have witnessed an extraordinary change take place in the Middle East and North Africa. Square by square; town by town; country by country; the people have risen up to demand their basic human rights. Two leaders have stepped aside. More may follow."

Yes, too bad though we didn't support the human rights of the people in Iran when they were marching peacefully against Iranian dictators. You didn't say or do a thing there Obama. Many of us are still wondering why.

"And though these countries may be a great distance from our shores, we know that our own future is bound to this region by the forces of economics and security; history and faith."

I don't see how we are bound to these regions though history and faith. They have always had a demonic hatred of Israel since God made the covenant with Issac instead of Ishmael, and hated America because of our previous friendship with Israel. As for their faith, how can America and the Middle East be any further apart when America is free to all of any faith, because of it's CHRISTIAN heritage, yet one gets burned to death or beheaded in the Middle East for not being Muslim?

"Sometimes, in the course of history, the actions of ordinary citizens spark movements for change because they speak to a longing for freedom that has built up for years. In America, think of the defiance of those patriots in Boston who refused to pay taxes to a King, or the dignity of Rosa Parks as she sat courageously in her seat. So it was in Tunisia, as that vendor’s act of desperation tapped into the frustration felt throughout the country. Hundreds of protesters took to the streets, then thousands. And in the face of batons and sometimes bullets, they refused to go home – day after day, week after week, until a dictator of more than two decades finally left power."
Yes Obama, we do think of the patriots in Boston, hence the rise of the Tea Party! You praise the patriots in Muslim countries for rising up, for demonstrating and demanding their rights- yet you ignore the majority of America who have peacefully gathered to petition what many of us see as an over reaching, out of control government! You seem to praise some, yet ignore others- again, where was your praise and support of the Iranian people?!

"In too many countries, power has been concentrated in the hands of the few. In too many countries, a citizen like that young vendor had nowhere to turn – no honest judiciary to hear his case; no independent media to give him voice; no credible political party to represent his views; no free and fair election where he could choose his leader."
And now, in America we are beginning to see that kind of power of a few who care nothing of our Constitution, who hires a group of elite, unelected "czars" who have never been subject to proper vetting yet are make legislation decisions which will effect the whole country. Making deals in the middle of the night and behind locked doors are not what America is all about.

"Nor can people reach their potential when you cannot start a business without paying a bribe."
Nor can people reach their potential when you can not start a business without paying for county, state and federal permits, be ordered to be unionized, force them to pay health insurance and tax them out of business!

"Satellite television and the Internet provide a window into the wider world – a world of astonishing progress in places like India, Indonesia and Brazil. Cell phones and social networks allow young people to connect and organize like never before."
Yes, maybe, except when regimes make it a crime to access such progress. Places such as China and Venezuela. Oops! I forgot, they are our friends!

"People everywhere would see their economies crippled by a cut off in energy supplies. "
Kind of like what you and your green buddies are trying to do to us, isn't it Obama? Yup, I remember when you promised our energy prices would "necessarily skyrocket". Thanks for that.

"Moreover, failure to speak to the broader aspirations of ordinary people will only feed the suspicion that has festered for years that the United States pursues our own interests at their expense. "
Gee, where did they ever get that idea Obama? Perhaps from the many leftist politicians, actors, musicians and elites who have benefited greatly from a capitalist economy, travel the world to trash America's greed and capitalist economy?

" Americans have been seared by hostage taking, violent rhetoric, and terrorist attacks that have killed thousands of our citizens – a failure to change our approach threatens a deepening spiral of division between the United States and Muslim communities. "
I have a deal Obama- tell your Muslim friends around the world to stop murdering my Christian brothers and sisters, stop putting fatwas out on people for their freedom to speak, stop raping nuns, stop beheading young school girls, stop mutilating baby girls, stop beating women, stop stoning women, stop honor killings, and stop bombing churches, stop building mosques on the sights they seem as conquered for Islam and start allowing churches and Synagogues to be built in Muslim countries, maybe I will be a little less "divisive".

"There must be no doubt that the United States of America welcomes change that advances self-determination and opportunity"

As long as that change is in countries we want. Not in places such as China, Venezuela, Iran, Cuba....

"we have a chance to pursue the world as it should be."
AH!!! We come to the crux of the humanistic/secular/Marxist dream- the world as it should be... the world as they think it should be. You forget your supposed Christian Bible Obama, where the Word tells us that this is a fallen world, and that God's Will will be done, Not yours, mine or anyone else's. Yes, we try and love and help others out of simple compassion, but we must realize that this world, when ruled by fallen men will never be a world as it should Have been, when God walked the garden in the cool of the evening.

"Our opposition to Iran’s intolerance – as well as its illicit nuclear program, and its sponsorship of terror – is well known"
How, all the people have heard from your administration is cricket chirps. Your silence, Obama was loud and clear when the people were being murdered on the streets of Tehran! As for our opposition to their nuclear power, then why are you leaving it up to them to have time to develop those weapons? The longer you sit and wait, all the while faintly saying, you can't do that, they are doing that! I know, you're leaving it up to Israel, when the nuke missiles start flying.

"So in the months ahead, America must use all our influence to encourage reform in the region"

Is that not what you and all the rest of the left had been screaming about all the past decade? Is that not the very idea that the left has been blaming Islamic terrorism on, that America is muscling reform on the middle east?!

"We look forward to working with all who embrace genuine and inclusive democracy...Because democracy depends not only on elections, but also strong and accountable institutions, and respect for the rights of minorities."

There won't be much chance with that then, as groups such as Muslim Brotherhood are anything but inclusive to anyone or anything other than sharia, and the advancement of Islam around the world. They will not, as they have never embraced inclusiveness of Christians and Jews, nor have they respected the rights of Christians or Jews or any other religion and they deny Israel's right to live!

"Such tolerance is particularly important when it comes to religion. In Tahrir Square, we heard Egyptians from all walks of life chant, “Muslims, Christians, we are one.."

At least they may have been chanting that when they weren't bombing the Coptic churches.

"Prosperity also requires tearing down walls that stand in the way of progress – the corruption of elites who steal from their people; the red tape that stops an idea from becoming a business; the patronage that distributes wealth based on tribe or sect. We will help governments meet international obligations, and invest efforts anti-corruption; by working with parliamentarians who are developing reforms, and activists who use technology to hold government accountable."
Gee, I thought the first sentence was about America until you said tribe or sect! You promote all of this for the rest of the world, yet deny Americans of the same chances? Obama, I see your anti American roots are showing again!! I would also like to know how you expect to help other countries with their reforms when we are broke?

"For decades, the conflict between Israelis and Arabs has cast a shadow over the region"
Yeah, nothing creates a shadow like continual rockets and suicide bombings.

"For Palestinians, it has meant suffering the humiliation of occupation, and never living in a nation of their own."

Perhaps if they realized there are no "palestinian" race, that they are Arabs, they would find they would be perfectly comfortable in settling in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Qatar, the EUA, or any of the vast middle eastern Arab countries. Humiliation of a non existing condition is no excuse for wanting the complete annihilation of another nation and people.

"My Administration has worked with the parties and the international community for over two years to end this conflict, yet expectations have gone unmet. Israeli settlement activity continues."

I notice constantly Obama, that when addressing blame, you always mention Israel first. Hmmm. Gee, imagine, Israeli citizens building in... Israel.

"For the Palestinians, efforts to de legitimize Israel will end in failure"
So why do you continue when it will be a failure? It will be, because "palestinians" and most of the other Arab nations surrounding Israel do not and will never recognize an Israeli State. Take a look at their maps, Obama, you will not find one map in the Middle East which shows Israel. They will never be satisfied until Israel no longer exists- but since Israel exists because God loves His people, I would be mighty careful of continual disrespect that you show them.

"The international community is tired of an endless process that never produces an outcome."

Do you intelligent elites ever wonder why that is? You mock those who believe that God is Almighty, yet Israel's rebirth and the continuity of Jews through thousands of years of upheaval, genocide and persecution is in itself a miracle of God.

"The dream of a Jewish and democratic state cannot be fulfilled with permanent occupation."
Really? How is it that Israel is the occupier? Does anyone know history?

"Israel must be able to defend itself – by itself – against any threat. Provisions must also be robust enough to prevent a resurgence of terrorism; to stop the infiltration of weapons; and to provide effective border security."

If I could believe you meant that Obama, I would thank you for it. But too long has this administration shown disrespect to Israel's leaders, and leftists in America and around the world continue to reprimand Israel for defending themselves. Too many on the left, here and around the world continue to call Israel an apartheid state just for building barriers to keep bombers out. This is not respecting Israel for defending themselves!

"But moving forward now on the basis of territory and security provides a foundation to resolve those two issues in a way that is just and fair, and that respects the rights and aspirations of Israelis and Palestinians."
Demanding Israel give up crucial land, in which every foot is precious- is not providing a just, fair or respectful right to Israel. Again, those Arabs the world seems to like to call palestinians, a name given to the region as a slur by the Roman Empire, do not care about land- if it were, there are billions of square miles of Arab land surrounding the tiny plot of modern day Israel that they could choose from. Again- the goal of the Arabs is the destruction of the Israeli people.

"And I would not be standing here today unless past generations turned to the moral force of non-violence as a way to perfect our union – organizing, marching, and protesting peacefully together to make real those words that declared our nation: “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal"
Yes, make this speech about you again somehow. It's interesting that your organizations Obama, ACORN, unions and others seem to love demonstrations, rallies, marching and protests, if it is for anything the left stands for, yet when others demonstrate, rally, march or protest, we're threatened with violence, have lies spewed about us, we are mocked and ignored by your administration, your media and your groups. And again, Obama- WHO created all men equal, and why do you continue to ignore our CREATOR whenever you give these speeches? Is it because you prefer people to believe government gives rights and freedoms? You repeat a lie enough, or ignore the truth enough, people will believe you....

"But the United States of America was founded on the belief that people should govern themselves. Now, we cannot hesitate to stand squarely on the side of those who are reaching for their rights, knowing that their success will bring about a world that is more peaceful, more stable, and more just."
It's interesting how progressives use something they don't believe when it suits their purpose! They always do it with Bible scriptures taken out of context, and now, using the founding of our nation, which they fight hard to keep out of schools!  You do not believe this, nor do any of the elite progressives in power. You do not want anyone to govern themselves, or you would not be so intrusive in our individual lives, families, homes and businesses. You believe in government giving rights, you believe in making the decisions on who will have the right to life through abortion and eugenics, who will have the right to liberty, by praising the rise of groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood yet denying the liberties of Christians living in such places as Egypt, Iran, Sudan, China, Venezuela, the EUA, North Korea, Pakistan, India, Ethiopia, the Ivory Coast, and Somalia among many other countries. You do not believe it when you deny the right of the pursuit of happiness without having to give up security to someone who makes no bones about hating your guts, happiness without having to have rockets shot at you as thanks for the land you gave.

Progressives believe in nothing except creating a world to fit their ideals, where they are in charge, hand out the rights as they deem fit, to those whom they want. A world scrubbed clean of Christ, and His Salvation- a elitist utopia where their will is done, and God's will ignored and showing favor to those who go against God.
Only thing is, while people like Obama mock folks for clinging to their Bibles, God will not be mocked. God's will WILL be done when He is ready, and no one will be able to stand in the Almighty's way. Jesus tells us, He reminds those of us who hope in Him, and warns those who deny Him, that He will be back, and that He will some day rule the world as it was meant to be, before men's sinful, selfish ways destroyed it. He shows us the signs of the time of His return, and I would suggest- earnestly suggest you read His Word, accept His free gift of salvation, trust in Him in these times. As this speech by Obama, the events in the Middle East point to, those of us who Hope in Jesus instead of man, know our redemption draws nigh.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Who is Going to Save You?

Note- I am sorry, I am having problems getting my tools working tonight, so if there are many spelling mistakes, if the links aren't working properly or something, I will try and correct the problems when blogger is working right!

There's a couple of things I've noticed as I get older. Time goes faster the older you get and you think more about death than you did when you're young. I don't get depressed or freaked by the thought of death, so I don't see it as one of those taboo subjects no one wants to talk about. Not that I want to die right now, and I don't exactly relish the thought of how it's going to happen, I just don't worry about it because I know it will happen eventually.
Knowing that some day we all will take that last breath makes me ask- Who is going to save you? Whether or not you are a Christian believer, there is another life after this life. The question remains, is where we will spend the next eternal life. This article is about the difference between four of the biggest religious beliefs in the world today: Biblical Christianity, Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses and Islam.

Some people would say I am totally intolerant and hateful because I say Mormonism, JW and Islam are all cults. How in the world can I make such a statement when there are so many good and sweet people who are members of these fine peaceful religions! Some people, including many Christians would also consider me to be extremely judgmental for saying such a thing about other religious people. For those, I say there is nothing intolerant about stating a true fact about a people, if done in a caring way. For those who seem to love to quote that Bible verse "thou shall not judge, lest you be judged", I say read the rest of the chapter where that verse is often taken out of context as a way to escape having to deal with doctinal truths.

Wow. I am harsh tonight. I don't mean to be provocative. I only want to show truths to people who may be confused about religious differences from religions, especially Mormons and JW's who call themselves Christian, but are actually antiChrist in their doctrine. I included Islam in this group which may confuse some because they are definitely not Christian, nor do they claim to be, but I do include them for a reason which I will get to in just a minute. Stating something about another religion is not intolerant or judgmental when it is meant as a warning to people, any more than telling someone they are going to fall off a cliff and crash if they continue running toward it. And as far as religious ideas go, when someone calls themselves a Christian, or states something about Jesus Christ which are completely wrong or blasphemous, we have every right to correct that person or organization. That is not being judgmental.

In todays society, Islam and Mormonism are becoming more and more mainstream, with so many people defending Islam because of Islamic terrorism. Mormonism is appearing in many places, from the popularity in politics and American issues because of Glenn Beck, and Mitt Romney, who is hoping for another shot at running for President in 2012 are Mormons. On my facebook page sidebar, there are constant advertisements for the Mormon church. Many of us have had visits from JW's, whether at our front doors or in grocerystore parking lots. I have a good friend, a sweet woman who has been a JW since birth, as her whole family are part of it. Each of these three groups have a huge world wide following which are growing alarmingly every year.

Why am I lumping these three religions together and calling them cults? One of the Merriam-Webster definitions of a cult is "a religion regarded as unorthodox or spurious; also: its body of adherents." For Mormonism, Jehovah's Witness and Islam to either claim to be Christian or of the same God as the God of Christianity, yet have oppositional teaching to that of Biblical Christianity, that places them in the above catagory of a cult.

Let me explain. First, what do these three religions have in common with each other? For one thing, they each claim to be God's final revelation. They each claim, by their founders to have personally been visited or given this final revelation without witnesses, they each claim their own scriptures while being the final, true revelation, they still agree that the Bible (the King James Version) is also the Word of God. They all claim however that the Bible has been corrupted and that their version is the truth. They all claim that their religion is the only way to heaven (their version of it), that one must be a member in order to get to heaven, and each one depends on works to hopefully gain God's favor to get to heaven. Each of these religions came centuries after Christianity began, yet each claims that the Christian church is satanic, or full of error. Each of these recognize the name Jesus, but base their religion on a different Jesus than the Christ of Christianity. Each claim their founder as a prophet of God. Each of these groups while they may speak of the Christian Bible, their followers are not allowed to read anything religious outside of their own organization's literature or scripture. And lastly, each of these groups have either written rules or imply that if one of their members should say, convert to Christianity, they will be cut off from the their temple or meetings, shunned or disfellowshiped and disowned by their family and friends- or in the case of orthodox Islam, murdered for becoming an infidel.

Let's break these down further. Each believes their religion is God's final revelation. For Mormons, they claim Joseph Smith recieved gold plates from 2 beings believed to be God and Jesus- who told him that the Christian church was corrupted and satanic, and that these gold plates contained the true words of God. There were no witnesses when Smith supposedly met with these two bright and shining beings. JW's founder Charles Taze Russell recieved revelation from God that the Christian church was corrupted, and he started the new society of Witnesses. Although you won't hear any mention of Russell from any Witness today because of his er, checkered past, he founded the Watchtower organization- again on his own (mis)understanding of Bible Scripture without any witnesses. Muslims claim Mohummad was visited by an angel, Gabriel, and given the new and improved revelation of god's word. That Christians and Jews had it all wrong and corrupted the Word of God. Again, there were no witnesses of these angelic meetings. Interesting note however, Mohummad at least out of the three had questioned whether this angelic being was really of God or could it have been a jinn, demon.
Christianity is a contination of the Judeo belief of God the Creator, and the New Testament is comprised of letters and epistles of people who were either with Jesus during His earthly ministry or learned from actual witnesses of everything which happened during and immediately after His ministry, crucifixion and resurrection. There were plenty of witnesses to these events.

This Jesus hath God raised up whereof we all are witnesses. Acts 2:32
And we are witnesses of all things which he did both in the land of the Jews, and in Jerusalem; whom they slew and hanged on a tree: Acts 10:39
But God raised him from the dead: And he was seen many days of them which came up with him from Galilee to Jerusalem, who are his witnesses unto the people. Acts 13:30,31

Each group claim the Bible is corrupt, and only their version is the true final uncorruptable word. For each of the three claiming the Bible is corrupt, is a ridiculous claim in light of the fact that earliest manuscripts found have the same words of the more modern KJ version, the only differences or errors being grammatical. So in other words, all three men who claimed the Bible was corrupt, made this claim on the Bible or scriptures they had during their lifetime (500s for Mohummad, 1800s for Smith and T. Russell) yet after these guys died, the Dead Sea Scrolls came to light- proving the authenticity of our modern translation! It is interesting also to note, that each of these believe their scripture is the truth. All three of them are completely different from each other, yet each claim their version is true- so which one is? They can't all be. As well, in all three groups cases, their founders were admittedly either confused or did not understand Biblical doctrines such as the Trinity, or had dealings with multiple religious peoples such as Mohummad did, but only understood little of each different religion- enough to be confusing. Each man based an entirely new religion on their own ignorance of Biblical scripture and called theirs the true and new word.

Each of these men either claimed or are viewed by their followers as a prophet. The Bible discribes a false prophet as such in Jeremiah 14:14 Then the LORD said unto me, The prophets prophesy lies in my name: I sent them not, neither have I commanded them, neither spake unto them: they prophesy unto you a false vision and divination, and a thing of nought and the deceit of their heart.

A simple look at what the prophets of God prophecied in the Bible, men such as Isaiah, Daniel, Micah, Jeremiah and others clearly were men who spoke the Authentic Word of God. none of these men were liars. Watchtower's first so called prophet, C.T. Russell was charged with purgery in a Court of Law for claiming to know how to read and translate Hebrew and Greek. He made predictions which dated when Jesus would come back and all JW's would inherit the new earth, and the first 144,000 Watchtower members would be the specially chosen ones to live in heaven. Since the dates set by Russell and some of his successors came and went more than a few times is enough by a Biblical plumbline to prove the founder and early leaders of the Watchtower Society as frauds. Perhaps that's why very rarely will one hear C.T. Russell's name mentioned among today's JW members. In fact, many young ones have never even heard of him! They follow a religion made up by this man, but have never heard of him?!Joseph Smith also is considered a prophet, along with every successor to the Mormon presidents ever since. Joseph Smith also made claims which were also proven to be frauds, mainly that the gold tablets were written ancient Egyptian hyroglyphics. Experts showed they were not. Smith also was known to dabble in the occult, which is strictly forbidden by God. Mohummad, as I said earlier, questioned his own sanity and wondered if he was visited by demons instead of an angel. He, being orphaned at an early age and raised by an uncle, travelled the middle eastern trade routes in his uncle's trade business, and learned many versions of mono and polytheism, that is, those who believe in 1 god and those who believe in many gods. He would have also been in contact with many Jews and Christians at that time who talked of the One True God. Somewhere along the line, he misunderstood the Christian doctrine of the Trinity, and believed Christians worshiped God, Jesus and Mary, and considered them to be three separate gods. It wasn't until his "revelations" that he believed in allah, who, by the way, is not the same god as God, but an ancient Arab moon god. Mohummad married multiple wives, his youngest, he married when she was only 6 years old. He made war on those groups who did not convert to this new religion called Islam. His religion has caused 1400 years of bloodshed and/or oppression to women, children and those of other faiths.These three men are not prophets of God but instead the kind of men mentioned in the above verse of Jeremiah.

I don't want to drag on a long article (for once!) so let's look at just one more. Each of these groups preach a different Jesus than the Christ. Each claims to believe in Him, but none believe in the Christ of the Bible. JW's will try and twist scriptures and say that they know Jesus is the son of God. Their own "bible", the New World Translation adds translations, claiming original Greek or Hebrew, yet Greek and Hebrew scholars dispute these. For example, John 1:1 in the Bible says, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." The NWT adds an "a" before the word God, to say and the Word was a god. In truth, this means they either believe in more than one god- which is antiChristian, or their own explaination is that before Jesus came to earth, He was the archangel Michael. This is also antiChrist. Lastly, the Watchtower teaches their followers that their salvation depends on works, such as belonging to the Watchtower, reading only Watchtower publications and going door to door witnessing among other regulations.

Mormons teach that Jesus is actually Lucifer's brother. Lucifer as in Satan. They believe God was once a man, who is now one of many gods. They teach that those who belong to the Mormon Temple and observe all rights and laws, they too may become gods and have more "spirit children" and be in charge of their own planet some day. There are so many differences between the Mormon belief and the Christ of the Bible, it would be a whole new series to explain it all. Mormons also teach works based salvation, many of the same kinds that the Watchtower teaches, besides all of the man made rules of their faith.

Islam teaches that Jesus was one of the great prophets, with Mohummad being the last and greatest. They deny Christ's crucifixion, claiming allah would never have one of his prophets die in such a humiliating way. They believe that either someone else died in His place, or it never happened at all. They deny that God has a Son, that He is One and no partner is ascribed to Him. They believe that their 12th Imam will come in the end days and rule the world, and that Jesus will help. Again, there are so many differences, and Islam is totally antiChristian in it's teaching.

What it all comes down to is how people misunderstand or don't like what the Bible says. Each of these cults started with men who, without the Holy Spirit, didn't agree with certain parts of the Bible, or were totally ignorant of much of the central doctrine of the Christian faith. Everything depends on whether people agree that, All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness (2Ti 3:16) or that Jesus is the Word and the Word is God as taught in John 1:1.

The Bible warns of false Christs, prophets and teachers. 1John 4:1 says, Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. Satan is discribed as an angel of light. Kind of gives a whole new spin on those bright beings Joseph Smith claimed he saw, and the angel Mohummad spoke to. After all, Satan has been trying to usurp God since time began, so it makes sense to have him telling people he is God to confuse them about the true God.

The Bible also warns about other gospels. 2Corinthians 11:4 For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him. Also, Galatiams 1:6,7 I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel :Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ.

The ultimate question we all must answer before we die, is who is going to save us? Who is going to save you? Will it be a society which based it's whole cult on a false prophet, proven liar and Biblically ignorant man? Or maybe you have visions of how cool it would be to be a god some day and rule your own universe... you could join the Mormon church for that fantasy, but the Temple will not save you. Many believe Islam is really a peaceful religion who has been hijacked by radicals who would pervert the true religion. These folks may want peace and a chance to raise their families without being labled as a terrorist- I can understand that, but Mohummad was a murderer, adulterer and had visions even he thought were of demons. Will he save you? Their god allah is fickle and does as he chooses. He never promises paradise to anyone, well except for those who die in jihad, but for everyone else, it's if allah wills it. So, you don't even know if you are saved or not.

Why not get to know Jesus? You don't have do go door to door, you don't have to fight a jihad. You only have to learn about Him through His Word, the Bible and trust in Him as your Lord and Savior. I've never disowned or broken relationships because family or friends have not believed in Christ, although I do pray for them because I love them! I have no doubts about what will happen when I die and where I'll be going- I hope you will make your choice now and have the same assurance.