No Apologies Round Two

"Few if any recent generations could sit with a Bible in one hand and their newspapers in the other and see the fulfillment of prophecy, but for us it’s almost routine." Jack Kelly

Monday, February 22, 2010

It's Called Spite

Democrats, and left leaning Republicans along with Obama all know that come November, there will be some changes in Washington. We've seen some lifers (career politicians) declaring they won't run again, and we see many other races around the county where the lifer is having, er, forgive the pun, the run of his or her life. They know that it will be a real battle come November, with a good chance of being defeated, in some cases by a no name newcomer who not many people know. Folks like Sharon Angle, in Nevada going up against Harry, and in Florida, we have Marco Rubio, a true conservative going up against RINO Charlie Crist, who annoyingly is the favored of the Republican party.

People are frustrated, finally, to a point where they are awake and delving into the political arena in ways they never would have imagined. Ever since before last spring, folks from all walks of life and all political persuasions have marched. Whether into local town hall meetings, or on their state capital and even Washington, they have gone to show this government that they will not put up with the ridiculous spending and politics as usual. Even more than the usual politics, they are not going to go for Chicago style thuggery.

So, now we have, still breathing, the Obama healthcare issue. Most of us were hoping the plan was dead, but no, big government progressives are keeping it on life support until they can ram it through, no matter what. They know they are finished in Washington. They know they will be gone come November. The only reason why we will have government "care" is out of spite. They know the people have spoken, have been speaking all year, and they know we don't want any part of what they have to offer. They know they don't have the votes to go about it, so in Nancy Pelosie's words, they will "go over, under or through" any way to pass it, even if it means bringing in the nukes- as in nuclear option, or worse, by Obama himself writing it into legislation, which is the way I see it.

Obama, a few weeks ago, after slamming Republicans for being the party of no, and not trying to be bipartisan, invited them to a healthcare forum, or summit, or whatever you want to call it, to try and "work out a plan", to get something passed. So, against better judgement, and pretty much against the people's wishes (again), they will meet with Obama to work out some deal. Only thing is, Obama has just come out with his "plan", no thanks to anyone but the Senate and House bills which the people were hoping were dead. What this "new and improved" plan is, is basically a mix of the two bills previously denied by the people. Yes, there are a few changes. Remember Nebraska's Ben Nelson, making the deal of the century to have his state's medicare covered by the feds? Well, instead of just Nebraska, all states will have it covered until the year 2018 After that, I guess it will be back up to the states to cover their burgeoning Medicaid costs themselves. Ok, and then their was the so called Stupak Amendment, where abortion wouldn't be covered by federal funding- well, except for the usual excuses to have abortion on demand. The amendment has been removed- so basically, I can assume this anti life Obama will allow all forms of aborting babies be covered by people's tax dollars.Oh, and remember a couple of months ago, Obama paid big time to his Union supporters in the form of allowing Unions to keep their "Cadillac" healthcare plans without being taxed or penalized in anyway? Well, there is a provision to include ALL Cadillac plans which will not be taxed, again until the year 2018 After that, what. I can imagine with this kind of tax and spend fanatic, the taxes will probably be retroactive. Oh well, who knows. Oh, and did I mention, this healthcare plan is estimated to be 950 Billion?! Chances are good that it will be more than a trillion by 2020.

One thing which is still there, the IRS will have the power to fine, or imprison those who do not accept the government plans or choose to purchase private insurance.
Basically, the government all have their own excellent healthcare, which they know will keep them all set until they die, but they know what's best for the rest of us, and it ain't their kind of health coverage.

Some people claim it's unChristian to deny the "right" of healthcare. These same folks turn to the Bible, specifically the "render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's" verse, believing that Jesus was all for the government to provide for people. That and the fact that Jesus is a lover of the poor. Sure, taking a couple of verses out of the context of all of the Bible, it would seem like a good argument. Especially if you take Paul's meaning in the early church people selling all they had and giving it to the church or the poor. There is a couple of points though which show that coercion by a government is NOT what Jesus has in mind, nor is forced sharing is the focus of those early givers of the church. Jesus does love the poor- but shocking to some, He loves the rich as well. Being rich is not an evil thing. Not wanting to have what you worked hard for all your life given without permission to those who don't work, or those who are lawbreakers is not evil. Sure there is greed, but again, shocking, that greed is not only on the side of the rich, there are many poor who are greedy as well. The point is that the early church VOLUNTEERED to sell all they owned to give to the church. It was their own choice what to give or not to give. Being forced to give is communism. Volunteering is compassion, and that is what Jesus and the Bible believing church is all about- compassion. There is nothing compassionate about taking something from one class to give to another. There is nothing Biblical about being forced to give to others and there is nothing charitable about government giving what doesn't belong to them to the poor. No doubt there is many folks who are down and out, who need care- but they already have it, through already established government plans in Medicare and Medicaid, and no hospital will deny anyone who needs emergency care. My family does not have healthcare, my husband is still after a year, unemployed. We do NOT want others paying for us, nor do we expect them to. We do NOT want this government plan, which is nothing but an anti Christian power grab by others who have no intention of taking the same thing they are making us take.

I have been arguing with radio talk show hosts half the day, when they wonder why and how can the democrats do this when they know they are going to be finished? It's called spite. Pure and simple. Oh, and throw in a big dose of ego maniacal and power lust in for good measure. The biggest of them all, Obama, who, because he can, Constitution be damned, will do this no matter what the people want or need. Spite. We're done folks.

When a government no longer listens to it's people, when the government pushes constitutional programs on the people against their will, and have the nerve to threaten fines and imprisonment for not purchasing something, well, welcome to tyranny. Some day the world will be ruled by Satan's tyrant. You don't have to live through that time, because Jesus will be coming before then to take His own out of harm's way. Put your trust in Jesus- not tyrants. Some day the world will see what real tyranny is. Don't say you weren't warned.