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Monday, January 19, 2009

Pray Obama Fails?

I have many things swirling around my mind lately, and I have a few things I will want to write about soon. This time though, I have been thinking more and more about the coming presidency, as my long time friends know I am very politically minded, and I take the state of this Beautiful Country very seriously.
I read an opinion piece by Joseph Farrah this evening on World Net Daily, and at first I was in disagreement with him. The title of his piece is "Pray Obama Fails".
Now I have not agreed with or liked every president of this country since I have been here, and even those I have much respect for, I have not agreed with every idea or program. I am first and foremost, a Christian- therefore, I owe my allegiance to the Lord. Second, I am a raving conservative. This means, for me, I believe in small government, which is accountable to the people of this country. It must be held accountable and to the will of the CITIZENS of this country. I believe in boosting businesses, especially new and smaller mom and pop, then moving up to corporations, for they are truly the ones who stimulate the economy by providing jobs and US made products. I believe in free trade if it is fair trade. This means that I believe trading goods and services with other democracies is good business sense and also builds a sense of pride in being American made. It is only a good thing however if it keeps jobs here, and we export as much at least as we import.
I am a firm believer in COMPASSIONATE conservatism. This means ethics and strong moral values are the core of a company of any size. I'll admit this seems to be a lost quality in this day and age, but there are still many people who operate fairly, pay good wages for good employees, and who put people before profit. It is, as a natural rule, those who practice this way of building business, who are most successful.
The last I am is a Republican. I may have it backwards, because I am still much a Canadian, but to me, being a republican, means I believe in the Constitution as the authors worded it- it is not to be changed on whims of what is politically correct or expedient. It is not to be trifled with because of the political doings of other countries or world courts. What is written simply is. I also believe in a government "owned" by the people. It is to be the people in Washington as is they are the voters employees- not the other way around.

OK. This is who I am. That said, I have always tried to show respect to the person in the White House. I have not always liked or agreed with, as I said, and I did have a big problem with a lot of what went on during the Clinton administration- but I never denied Bill Clinton as my president.

I have to ask myself, however, and admit here now, I can not in good conscience call Barack Obama my president. This may shock some, even those who know my political leanings, but maybe, if anyone even cares, it doesn't surprise at all. What ever you may think, let me state my reasons why. You can agree or not, I am not going to go off the deep end or anything, and I have no problems with people of different beliefs and thoughts as mine, but I do like to be understood and have the right to be heard out before I am ridiculed and labeled as anything.

My Number one reason I can not accept Barack Obama as my president is because I am still not satisfied that he is even eligible to be the president of the United States. In the Constitution, there are stipulations to be eligible, and Barack Obama has not shown proof. In fact, he and his "people" have spent millions of dollars refuting and denying, but not producing the one thing that can prove his eligibility. His birth certificate.
As a Canadian living legally in the US, I have to have certain forms which prove my nationality, my eligibility to reside in the US, and until I can find or obtain another copy of my birth certificate, I can not apply for a passport, and I will not be able to renew my legal status or obtain citizenship. I would say, my birth certificate is an important document, which I can not do things without proof. All I ask from the man who is to run this country, is he do what I and millions of others have to do. Prove it.

My Number two reason is because of my life in Christ Jesus, I can not in good conscience accept Barack Obama as my president. I don't have to know his soul- and I can not judge him. However, the Bible tells me that I can know a person by the fruits they produce whether they are of Christ or not. The Fruits of Barack Obama are not of the Spirit of God.
For his voting record, for his associations, for his own words about his faith, I can not accept him as my president. His voting record and the words on the campaign trail speak volumes to me about his "Faith". He believes in the death of babies over the words of a legal decision made by misuse of the Consitituion. He is willing a child die from a botched abortion than to have a small loophole be made in the right to Choose. He has no problem with partial birth abortion which is infanticide. He would rather his children kill a baby than be punished with a baby should they be promiscuous when they grow up.
He believes in the Homosexual right to marry. He believes in pandering to the Homosexual agendas which, under his administration have a chance of making such things as the federal hate (thoughts) crimes bill a reality. Just a reminder that this is the same bill which would make public expressions of certain Biblical passages illegal. This would make Christian and other religious companies, churches, places of worship and Christian owned businesses and charities etc., have to hire, provide services to, council, marry homosexuals because they will be punished if they don't. Now, not only that, but if it is a perceived thought against someone because of their sexual preferences- you could be sued or jailed or lose your business or home. For more on this, read this.
Before I am again mocked for my Biblical beliefs, I do trust the Bible as the very Word Of God. And no, Jesus says nothing in the Gospels about the actual word Homosexual, but He does outline the God ordained plan of marriage between one man and one woman. It may be that the red letters in the Bible do not say the Word Homosexual, but the fact that Jesus Christ is God, the Word, the Whole Bible is His Word, and there are many references to the sin of Homosexuality found throughout. All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work. 2 Timothy 3
On to the rest. Barack Obama has stated before that he believes everyone will find their way to heaven without necessarily being a Christian, and he has also stated that he does not believe in a place called hell. He has stated that all religious philosophies lead to the same place. His deeds and words tell me he is not a Bible believing Christian, and since he does not trust in the Words of Jesus Christ, I have to doubt that he is a Christian at all.
Now, again, I will receive flak for this, but the name "christian" is thrown around a lot these days. People call themselves christian without even knowing Christ or His Word. How do I know this? Because recent polls have shown that many people are as confused as Barack Obama on the very Nature of Christ. Many who call themselves Christian do not believe Christ is God, even though there are so many verses in the Bible and many places in the Gospels where Jesus showed and says He is God. Many think Jesus sinned while he was alive. All throughout the Bible, it is known that a sacrifice acceptable to God must be pure, perfect and without blemish. Now, Christ being the ultimate sacrifice, dying on the cross for our sins, would have to be pure, perfect and without blemish. Seeing as He is God, and God can not sin, would prove Jesus was without sin. The Bible even says He was without sin. Many people believe that everyone will go to heaven. I have to ask- then why would it be necessary for Christ to die on the cross as a sacrifice? If everyone would go to heaven without having to acknowledge their sins and ask and receive forgiveness, Jesus' crucifixion would be un necessary and without purpose. If one believes everyone will go to heaven, then they deny His own WORDS- Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. If you really knew me, you would know my Father as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him.John 14:6,7
Likewise, for one to not believe in a place called hell, they deny the Word of God, the Righteousness of God, and the death of Jesus and the resurrection. Conclusion for me, is if one does not believe the Words of Christ, does not believe the Christ as God, does not know the Word, why bother calling yourself a christian? Why not just say you are a spiritual person and leave it at that. If I was going to call myself anything, I would at least make an effort to get to know that which I am following.

Reason number three I can not accept Barack Obama as my president. Falls into the same category as above. He has decided to start his administration in a way which will bring more judgement on this nation. He has invited prayers not to God, but in the words of the multicultural, multi faith, multi sexual ministers whom he has invited to give prayers, is a mockery and a slap in the face of the Lord God Almighty. God does not hear the prayers said to idols. He does not answer prayers from those who do not know Him or are unrepentant. He will however judge the nation which denies Him - partly by removing His presence and protection, which we have been seeing for the past few decades, but also by leaving people to themselves and following their own corrupt ways. The Bible warns about the times when good is considered evil and evil considered good- and God was removed from societies where this became the norm as it is today.

Reason number four, I will touch on a little more later, but for now, I believe that maybe not Obama himself, but a good number of his colleagues and those he has surrounded himself with were the main reason for the financial mess we are in now. Contrary to what people may believe, it was the democratic party which blocked any moves to regulate the financial institutions and the very laws mandated by the Clinton administration which caused much of the housing collapse in the first place which led to much more of this mess- not to mention doing nothing to heal the hurt at the gas pump which in turn has made the prices of so many necessary things to go up in cost. Obama's stimulus plan will be a disaster. I don't know about y'all, but my family is at the lowest we have ever been and while we are blessed to own our home outright, and we were wise in saving what my husband earned during the better years, our meagre savings will not last much beyond this year if his work does not pick up. I do not look for the economy to grow under an Obama administration- in fact, the only thing I see growing is the government. I do not see any change, because not only has he gone backwards by rehiring much of the Clinton administration, but also in the fact that already he has, in his campaigning and his inauguration parties, spent more money than half the population of America made last year. People say he is for the poor. I ask How? How can he and the democrats in Washington justify spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, much of which is tax monies on a party when so many families are hurting?

The only changes I see on the horizon are the movement towards a one world government- where people are waiting and looking forward to their messiah to save the earth. Me, I am waiting for the Blessed Messiah. The One who came the first time to save me from my sinfulness. The One who will come again soon to rescue the faithful- the genuine believers in His Name- Jesus.

I may not pray for Obama to fail, but I will pray he will have a meeting soon with the Real Savior of our world. I will pray that Obama will seek God's wisdom and guidance, but seeing the way he has started his political career, I pray that's where the real change will be. In Obama's heart. Until then, I can not accept Barack Obama as my president.


a corgi said...

ever since even before the election, I prayed for both candidates and planned to continue to pray for who got elected president; for their wisdom (God's wisdom) and that the Lord would guide them to seek Godly men/women to be their advisors/mentors/etc. Lately, my prayer for Mr. Obama has been what your ending prayer was, that he would fully grasp who Jesus was and fully accept him as his savior and fully devote his life to Jesus.

and I'm going one step further in my prayers; I truly want America to get back on its feet economically, etc and I know that won't happen unless the Lord intervenes but I'm asking that the Lord raise up Godly people who will repent and want to change America back to its "moral" days where it was okay to pray in school and abortion was wrong and homosexuality was not an accepted norm otherwise, I really don't think God should help America, why should he? We keep turning our back on him (we collectively not those who follow the Lord).

Anyway, Mr. Obama is my president and I will pray for him and I will wish him well and I will try not to be critical of his actions; I think we who call ourselves Christ followers (a term I prefer over Christian) need to get down on our knees and pray diligently, fervently, passionately, consistently for our country; I do worry about it and I know it is going to get a lot harder before (or if) it gets better


Penny said...

I will pray for the office, Carolyn. I pray daily for our country, those who lead and serve and have served. You don't have to like him or even say you accept him as your president, but he has the job and our job as Christians is to pray for those in authority - 1Tim2 -
I love you and pray for you every day, my friend. Blessings In Christ, Penny

Jenny said...

We are getting what we deserve in most countries and i believe this is God's way of bringing us all back to himself just like he did to the Isrealites. We have all gone so far away. If only christians would read the Bible and take it as it is. 'God said it, i believe it, that settles it'. It works, it does what it says on the tin. Until we get back to the church of 'Acts', and believe what Jesus said and taught rather than what we would like to believe i dispair. Thank goodness God is in charge.

Moan over.

Jenny <><

Barbara said...

I can't blame you for feeling disenfranchised by Obama. I believe many are feeling like this man is so far away from the beliefs they hold dear that they can't even begin to accept him.

As for me, well, he's in the office and as such he has my respect and support however far I can give it. He has my prayers in that God's will be done. God's will for us as a nation at this point may not make things rosy and right, yet still all things are possible with Him.

Remember there is no power over any nation that God has not allowed. And He sometimes uses a Godless nation to accomplish His Good Purpose. There is no force on earth as persausive as the Holy Spirit. And God can and has directly intervened in events and the laws of nature. I say those things to get around to this sumation, I'm just gonna have to trust God on this one. That doesn't mean I can't keep my eyes and ears open, in fact, I believe He commands that we do. To borrow a phrase a cult stole from the Bible; we must be watchers on the wall. (Watchtower)


Mik said...

I too pray for him as a follower of Christ. I couldn't disagree with his politics more. My problem is that I'm disgusted with the whole system. With Dems, and (especially) the GOP. I feel like they've moved away from me and most common folks. I don't consider myself a Republican anymore because of what guys like John McCain and Lindsay Graham have done to the party. I've had enough of the crap that passes for media these days. I'm a Christian, Reagan Conservative... end of story.

hunybea4him said...

I'm wearing black for the rest of the week and especialy tomorrow.. I am in mourning and pleading Mercy, there is no turning back and America is going to get just what it asked for.