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"Few if any recent generations could sit with a Bible in one hand and their newspapers in the other and see the fulfillment of prophecy, but for us it’s almost routine." Jack Kelly

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

More of Him

The first time, and every time since I'd heard the song 'He Is', it's given me shivers (please see previous entry). It's an immensely powerful song, and the words alone are about as powerful. I had never seen Jesus quite like this before. While some of the descriptions are obvious, many have made me really ponder to see and understand just the vastness of my Lord's Nature.While I am always ready to admit my shortcomings as a Bible believing Christian, I am finding myself being drawn closer and closer to Him. What this means, that I have finally realized- is that I am Letting Him! Now, if you're way further along in your walk and relationship with Jesus, I hope you understand my being dense- it takes me longer to figure things out sometimes!I am letting Him show Himself to me, so that I can in turn walk closer to Him. I find it sad then, that many, many people who profess to be "believers" are no different than unbelievers. Let me try and explain before anyone gets mad at me.One of the ways in which He is convicting me more is in my witnessing to others. I know I am severely lacking in this, as in my community. I am able to do so much better in a writing format because I am able to take time and research, put my thoughts and heart into "categories" and collect myself to where I come across a little more coherent (at least sometimes!) but in a one on one- face to face conversation, all my thoughts get so jumbled up and confused that I end up feeling like I've blown it. I've always been this way- not just with witnessing. When I was younger, and I had something I felt very important to talk to my parents or friends about- I wrote it out and read it instead of just talking about it. Afterwards, I'd be able to answer questions because my thoughts were in order and I felt more sure of myself.One o my thoughts this week is that everyone I have tried to witness to in "real life" be it my family or friends or acquaintances- I have come away more dejected than ever. It's not that anyone outright denies or makes fun- I almost wish that were the case. I continuously get a luke warm reception.When I ask someone if they believe they are a good person, and if they think they deserve to go to heaven, I get the standard yes and yes. Then I go through the 10 commandments and God's absolute Holiness. To make a long story short- all my friends and family say they believe in God, but they have to "think about it". I warn them they may not have time, that we never know when our time is up, and in these days- Jesus may come back before they "decide". I have sent books, Bibles, Testaments. I ask if they read- "I just haven't found the time". My thought last night is that they have time to watch stupid sit coms and reality shows on TV- they can't find 10 minutes to read a verse?!Mind you- these are all folks I know and love, who have gone or still do go to church, and would classify themselves as Christians, but they have NO clue as to what or whom a Christian is and Serves! They are loving people, care deeply about things, yet when it comes to Jesus- He is the same to them as with 90 percent of all Christians - He's loving, doesn't condemn anyone, He's peace loving and we shouldn't judge because He doesn't judge.Too many people- Christians, I haven't a clue of what they believe because they don't talk about it- and if pressed, they don't have a clue of Him. Am I alone in seeing this more and more? It makes me sad and frustrated. But, as I cried out to Him last night, I am NOT ashamed of Him- the one who gave me life, new life and has saved me over and over! I LOVE YOU JESUS!This morning He showed me that He understands and reminded me that He has been there. Look- His OWN brothers didn't believe! So many after seeing His miracles, hearing His testimony still refused to believe!! I will not give up on sharing the Gospel of Christ, as He has never given up. I will continue to love the stubborn and hard hearted- because He has continued to love me. I will never give up telling, either in person or through my writing that He is the Only Way- the Only Truth and the Only Life, and that you may call yourself a Christian, but without Him in your heart- you will not get through Him to our Father in heaven. Some day everyone will confess He is Lord! Some day all knees will bow. Why wait? Like another song says, the greatest treasure belongs to those who Choose Him now. Please excuse my randomness with this post- it came straight from my heart- not through my head! God Bless and more on this another time~


a corgi said...

Carolyn, I know what you are saying here; I commend you for talking to people about Jesus; I tend to do it better in a written form too. Some people just don't want to get it and believe he is the only way; I feel for them because you are right, time is soo short, we just never know!

I would hope I'm never ashamed to share him with others

great thoughts/post


Jenny said...

I think along with others that God is asking us all at the moment to come into a deeper and more intimate relationship with him. I have been on such a steep learning curve this last year and it has not always been easy. We must never stop telling people about Him, time is short. What they do with what we tell them though is between them and God. There is a song that goes.
We've gotta get up.
Gotta get out
Gotta get into the purpose of God.
Jenny <><