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Friday, February 17, 2012

Equal for Some....

Equal =The quality or state of being equal.

"The claim to equality is made only by those who feel themselves to be in some way inferior."  C.S. Lewis

We hear a lot about equality in our society.  Many people also equate the word equality with tolerance and justice, meaning that when we work towards an equal society, it will also be a just and tolerant society.    Most people however would probably not think of value and worth when they think of equality.

I want to do a bit of a comparison of thinking of justice and tolerance, versus value and worth when it comes to true equality.
When it comes to race issues, which it has come up a lot in the past three years, many people on the political left believe America has still a long way to go to make things equal for all races, yet this nation has black leaders and the person occupying the White House is Black.   How would this be possible if we were still far from having racial equality?  There are doctors, lawyers, congressmen and senate, there are sports stars, musicians, artists and judges, astronauts, physicists and scientists of every racial background, so how does this show us to be a racially unequal society?

Many people have claimed that racism is still alive and rampant, especially among groups of people on the political right.  I have been "unfriended" on face book by many people who I have known since high school, mainly because of my political views, my distrust and disgust with the occupant of the White House and because of my Christian faith.    Interesting though that these people assume that my disgust with Obama is becuase of his skin color, and not his marxist and dictatorial actions.  They are looking at his color, and assuming I am too.  Hmmm.  

Many people on the left believe in things such as affirmative action as a way to give minority groups, mainly blacks, a helping hand in education and jobs.  These people see affirmative action as a good thing and just thing.  They make the claim that they care about the underprivileged, who happen to be black because they assume that the majority of those who are poor are black.   Whenever someone comes along and disagrees with affirmative action, we are labeled as bigots, racist and intolerant.  We are accused of keeping minorities down and not providing equal opportunities to them.  They assume we don't believe they are deserving to know the self respect and their self worth because of their color, but never taking into account that we believe they don't need special treatment, because they are totally capable of doing great things because of who they are, not what they look like.

I have to wonder, what is equal about lowering the standards of certain jobs or grades required so as to give some groups of people an advantage at the expense of those who worked hard and can do the job which before the bar was lowered, were completely capable of doing it?    Now before people get to thinking I really am racist, think about things for a minute.  I, along with many, happen to believe in that little phrase which is found in the Declaration of Independence, "All men are created equal, endowed by their Creator to certain inalienable rights..."   See there, the word equal, with the word, created.   We are all, no matter what shade of skin we may have, created by our Creator, equally equipped with talents, gifts and abilities.  We may not all have the same talents, as I can't carry a tune in a bucket, but I can paint pictures.   I'm lousy at most sports which don't include baseball, I can't win a marathon, and I would never win a beauty contest. 
But since I like to sing, and I have to admit, it would be nice to have some extra portions of good looks, should I get to go attend the Julliard School of Music?   Should I enter a beauty contest and expect to win because of my limitations in the looks department and believe it woudn't be "fair" if I didn't win?   Sounds stupid doesn't it- yet this is what we are told to do every day when it comes to affirmative action. 

What exactly is affirmative action anyway?  Well, Merriam- Webster's defines affirmative action as: an active effort to improve the employment or educational opportunities of members of minority groups and women; also: a similar effort to promote the rights or progress of other disadvantaged persons.

Now, go back and read that slowly.  An active effort to improve opportunities, yet, by improving opportunities for some, other people who are capable are being denied, why?  Because of the color of their skin, and their gender.   Affirmative action is not equality, it is basing achievements or the lack thereof on skin color only.  Removing one person's opportunity to do a job they are fit for, trained for and worked for- to give it to someone who may be a nice and educated person, but not fit for, is not equal treatment, it is a special right given by the government by demanding that workplaces and schools give a place to others based on race and gender.

If groups which supported things such as affirmative action truly cared about real equality, they would value each individual for their God given talents and gifts, their value, and help them find something that fit what they are able and gifted to do, not by taking a chance away from someone else, but by promoting the skills and gifts, and working towards attaining  a place on their own merits.

I understand that kids from poor neighborhoods have a hard chance of getting into a good college, just as there are more people who could not afford a Harvard education, but just because affordability is non existant, where does this mean that they are not treated equal because they aren't getting into an Ivy League school?  Color has nothing to do with education.  There are plenty of folks who have overcome poverty and hard childhoods to go on to do great things.  I don't think Clarence Thomas, a Supreme Court Justice had his position on the highest court in the land handed to him.   I think his hard work ethic, his willingness to put other things aside while he worked at laborious jobs to pay for his school, all the while studying to make good grades had something to do with where he is today.
Poor kids go to crappy schools- yes, I agree- but where does the fault lie?  With the teachers?  Most likely not, because there are many good teachers out there who love their kids, and try hard to see them succeed.  Could it be with the parents?  Maybe in some cases where the parent just doesn't care or is too busy living their own lives.  Could it be, the liberal idea of government mandated education, and unions?  That would be a big YES.   In areas which are mostly governed by conservative republicans, there are school vouchers, school choice and affordable community colleges.   Liberals on the other hand, are totally against school vouchers, which have proven successful.   They generally are not excited about charter schools, private schools (unless they have their own kids in them) or home schools.    In some strange way, they view equality by again, lowering standards, so all can be equally indoctrinated in substandard government controlled education.   They do not see vouchers as a more true version of equality- where a poor kid, who happens to be a genius can go across town to a better school, one which is most likely a charter or private school.  School choice is a big no no to those who claim to be pro choice.

So, where else do we see equality promoted?  Gender?  Men are feminized and women are masculinized so we can all be equal.  Oh Yay!  I want to be gender neutral- NOT.  I happen to think men are wonderfully strong, and good to look at.  They are smart, they are good with things I have no desire to learn, like mechanics, electrical and plumbing work.  Sure, it's nice to have my husband make breakfast for us because he's a good cook, but do I really want him to shave his chest, wear make up and cry over a hallmark commercial?!  No way!  Sure, I like to fish, like to play baseball, and drive heavy equipment when the opportunity arises, but face it, I do cry at lots of things, and I am built different and he is built different. Do we really need to be equal in every way? Not if you are comfortable with yourself and know who you are.  We are equal in the eye of our Creator,  and that is the only equality that matters.

What about economically equal?  I find it interesting that with all of these "OWS" demonstrations- you know the ones where the left agrees with these people who have been harassing people, blocking traffic, taking over buildings, defecating on police cars, throwing things and weapons at police, sexually molesting, raping and killing folks- the leftist politicians like these folks!  The Tea Party people, they hate, but the "OWS", they see people genuinely angry at injustice and inequality. 

So, these people who are living in tents on wall street, not looking for jobs,  they go around tweeting each other, posting on facebook, they get their Starbucks coffee given to them, their Ben and Jerry's ice cream, have sit ins with hippies who never left the 60's, they wear name brand clothes and all have picture phones, i pads, google, and whatever other kind of gadget available which I don't have, yet they are crying over the supposed 1% who go to work every day creating the very things they are tweeting and facebooking on, wearing, drinking and eating from?  They get catered meals, but forbid the real homeless folks to come and enjoy the same meal! OK- is that equal?

People on the left believe that the rich need to pay "their fare share" so everyone can be equal. Never bothering to mention that someone who earns one million dollars could give 90 percent of their earnings to taxes, yet the guy earning ten thousand and not paying anything is still not going to be as wealthy as the millionaire.  It's interesting to me that those who are wealthy are paying more than 40 percent of their earnings to federal income tax, and pay a multitude of other local and state taxes, but more than 50 percent of the people in this country don't pay any federal taxes at all.  How is that equal exactly?  And how is making the rich pay more making those who are still in poverty any wealthier?  Shoot, the ones who really crack me up are those "millionaires against the 1 percent"  who also say they ought to pay more, yet when shown that they can pay any time they want to, they refuse!  

See, this is not about equality- this is about control.  The left, progressives, socialists are only interested in promoting the ideas of equality, justice and tolerance because they know that when the people follow those mantras, they can be controlled.  They are controlled in what kind of education they receive, what kind of job they can get, what income level they can make.  Because when anyone tries to attain better for themselves and their families, they are breaking out of the mold the left has put them in.  That's why the left hates people of color like Mychal Massie, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas,  Allen West and so many others.  And the feminist groups can't stand women such as Sarah Palin!   They vilify her, and women such as Michelle Bachmann, Sharron Angle, Michelle Malkin.   All of these people show  that the only equality is that which is God given, and that they believe that God has given us all the same opportunities, and they have worked to attain them.  They were not given special breaks to get an education or land a job, they worked for it, and believe everyone else is talented enough, gifted enough, valued enough and made in God's image enough to earn things for themselves.  They manage good and moral families, they treat everyone with respect (everyone! That would be treating people equally, wouldn't it?!).  They have successful careers, yet still have time to be loving wives and husbands and raise their kids.  They have strong family values, morals and by the most part are charitable Christians who also contribute to those less fortunate.  The fact is, that Conservative Christians give more charity in money and time than liberal secularists who believe it is government's roll to take from one to give to another, and the left can't stand it. 

OK, last bit and I'm done.
For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, so that any who shall believe on Him shall have ever lasting life.   God loved who?  Some of the people?  Me? You?   He loved all the world.   He loves each and every human that has and will ever live- equally. He loves us so much that He sacrificed Himself on the cross because obviously, He values us, His creation.   This is what most Conservative folks know, and we tend to treat others as valued creations of God. 

We believe in it by believing that person of a darker skin shade is every bit as good as we are, we believe it by our pro life stance that every life is sacred, we believe it by the way we refuse to abort our children who might be born disabled or handicapped, and raising them in  a loving home and we feel sad and have pity when women are led to believe that that baby they have within them is nothing more than a lump of inanimate tissue that can be disgarded. We believe this in the way that we hope our children will respect themselves enough, and respect their peers enough to abstain from harmful practices and unlimited sex that is taught to them with the government's approval.  We believe this by the way we value our elderly and our parents.   We truly believe in real equality.  Those who claim us to be bigots, racists and intolerant will never understand this, because they are too busy calling us names and showing us intolerance to actually listen to us and trying to understand our views.

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