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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Politicians Fiddle While the Gulf Coast Burns

As the days drag on and the tar and oil covered wildlife creep ever closer to our beaches, I have not been the only one frustrated. I'm having flashbacks of Slick Willie's "I feel your pain" every time Obama opens his mouth with a fisherman, business owner or multi generation shrimper.I am frustrated at those who think big oil is the monster and ought to be shut down and gone for good. I'm angry at government for causing this disaster to be as big as it is and still growing. Before you say, now wait a minute, it's BP's fault, let me lay out some things.

First of all, I do blame BP. They have a huge mess that shouldn't have, or wouldn't have been if they had have done things right when they started fudging the safety rules. They have a responsibility to their employees to make sure things are done safely and properly. They have a responsibility to their share holders to do business the right way- to make money honestly. They have a responsibility to those independent franchise owners who bear the BP name, whom, by the way are feeling the brunt of much of this by ignorant people boycotting them. These are localized businesses folks- boycotting them hurts only your own local working folks, not the head corporation.
Anyway, BP has much responsibility, and they are and will be paying for their part.
I have to ask though. Who is going to take responsibility in the American government for their huge part in making this the worst environmental disaster to hit the Gulf States?
Long before, when the liberals prevented onshore and interior drilling, most oil companies were moved far off shore where accidents would not be able to be contained as quick as they could be if they were allowed to drill closer. We've seen all the failed attempts to cap this well in deep water, and we know that the first attempt would have worked if they had have been allowed in shallower waters or on land.
Government regulations have been in place for decades- so tell me, if the BP corp has questionable safety records- whose responsibility is it to shut them down until they clean themselves up? Uh, the government perhaps? Why bother having regulations if you don't regulate??!
This present administration did not cause this spill, but thanks to them and their politicking, using this in those famous Rham Emmanuel words "Don't let a good crisis go to waste", well, they ought to be proud of themselves- as they are milking this situation for everything they can. They have made big oil the fall guy- again. These progressives just hate corporations. Well, except when they are getting campaign millions that is. So, most folks who follow the lame stream media religiously all now hate big oil. Isn't that great? The wildlife is dying, but at least people hate corporate fat cats. So. Obama cares- he feels our pain. That's why he's been on this from day one. Sure. Go play another golf game obama, maybe we might just get this cleaned up quicker.
Our southern governors have no one to turn to, so they are tying to do all they can for themselves. Too bad the feds keep getting in the way.Quick run down, and I'll give the link for each one- if you're interested in learning.
People blamed Bush for the Katrina disaster. It's old news and people believe what they want to believe. At least Bush wavered the Jone's Act so to allow help into the coasts of Katina stricken states. Now, with Gov. Jindall who has been begging for help since day one, he has tried to do what he can to take charge. Only problem is, every time he turns around, his efforts are being hemmed in by the feds- the EPA, the Coast Guard and Federal Fish and Wildlife. The man's hands have been tied while he sees his people's lives sacked, and his shorelines trashed.

Obama has been on this from day one- sure. He's had offers from around the world to help with this- but they've been denied because of the Jone's Act. He's refused until now to lift the ban on foreign vessels. Counties who have offered have shaken their heads over the denials of help.
Sure and Obama has made his rounds a couple of times, blaming big oil all the way. He's used this crisis to push his Cap and Trade (Read massive fake global warming energy tax) and like Chicago gangsters of old, muscled his way and strong armed BP into paying massive amounts of money into a private account for a third party to pay out to those affected. Al Capone would have been proud!

Now, I have no problem with BP paying damages- but it is beyond the Constitution for any president to order a private corporation to do with their money. But then again, he's done the same thing over and over again with Big Auto, Big banks and so why not with Big Oil?He's pandering and positioning himself before the left of the left- forcing evil oil to pay up or else. The socialists are happy (Well, actually they are still griping) because BP will have to suspend their dividends for at least a year and not be able to pay out to their shareholders. YAY right?! Uh, well, take it from this peon- there are many other peons who actually own some shares and were depending on them (and other evil wall street type stocks) for their retirements. Oh well that's fine and dandy- now they can depend on the glorious government.

I digress. As I said, progressives really do hate any kind of capitalism- except when they are padding their campaign coffers with their money. Obama and the socialist libs have been raking in millions by Wall Street and big Oil. Why don't they give their money to the poor fishermen? Nah.

One last thought. It's scary to think about all the possibilities the government can do to make this crisis linger on. Now that hurricane season has started, it wouldn't surprise me to believe this administration would allow this crisis to go on hoping that a hurricane will come along. After all, it'd give more fodder to the global warming garbage they are still trying to sell us. It'd give more muscle to cap and trade and more government and bigger government control. Sad to think such things about an American government- but even sadder when America's recent government has given us reason to believe such things.

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