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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Anti Illegal Flap Getting Ridiculous

I wasn't going to get into this Arizona law business, because everyone is talking about it already, and frankly, I'm getting tired of all the craziness going on these days and feeling more than a little overwhelmed by it all. I had to add my two cents however- the tipping point for me, is the latest story about some students sent home from school for wearing - are you ready for this? Gasp- they were wearing of all things, shirts with American flags or colors!!!! How Dare they?! On Cinco De Mayo of all days! A false supposed Mexican holiday (Mexican independence day is in September) and these kids were told that their T-shirts "incendiary". Who ever would have thought that wearing a shirt- or any other article of clothing featuring an American flag, in America, would be considered trying to stir up trouble. Is this what our soldiers are fighting and dying for?

We've got the usual groups from La Raza, Al "mr. I get along with everybody" Sharpton, and the other leftist, socialist gangs calling for lawsuits, boycotts and well, it wouldn't surprise me if they eventually called for the writers, signers and Governor of Arizona's illegal immigrant bill to be tarred, feathered and run out of the state on a rail. The Phoenix Sun basketball team is in on the act, but calling themselves the Los Sun. Wouldn't it be more politically correct to use the whole Spanish- as in Los Sol?! These groups are calling for Major League Baseball to change the location of next year's All Star Game from to somewhere else. May I suggest holding it in Juarez Mexico- that quaint peaceful town across the river from Laredo Texas? As a life long baseball fan, with many happy and good memories- if they cave in to this ridiculous demand, I will never watch baseball again. Why watch something when it defends something so cowardly and non American?

Non American. Yes, that's what I said. This law that Arizona passed is nothing more than what the federal law says anyway. We hear the leftist drivel- that this is a bigoted and racially charged law, provoking Gestapo type behavior whereas the innocent law breaking illegal aliens are ordered to "Show your papers". Let me clear this up. We are all required to show identification. When I go to the bank- even to deposit into my account, I have to show my drivers license. Every few years, I must make my trek to the nearest ICE office to renew my legal residence status. Because you know what? If I don't, gasp, I could be deported!! This law is already on the books folks- at the federal level, but we all know that the feds have not done anything to keep our borders safe. Millions of us come to America the legal way, many whom go through a rigorous process in order to even step foot here. Is it a pleasant process? No- but I'm glad they have it- or we'd be, well, we'd have the same kind of problem they do now. We'd have rapists, murders, drug lords, gangs, people with dangerous communicable diseases, and those who have no way of supporting themselves entering the country at all times of the year.

When one comes through the legal way, we have to have medical examinations to be sure we won't be spreading disease such as swine flu, tuberculosis, pneumonia, HIV, and a host of others. We have to have a criminal background check to prove we have no criminal history or outstanding warrants. We have to have a sponsor, who will vouch for us and make sure we don't come to take advantage of social programs such as welfare. When the law is ignored or broken, we have the mess we have. The law is the Law and millions of people who are coming across now, and who have been here years are lawbreakers. Where I come from, that's not the right or good thing. The country, America, I came to, it never used to be the right or good thing. Those of us who came here legally for whatever freedoms we came here for, respect and follow that law, and we respect and follow every other law. When you don't come here legally, you disrespect the Immigration law, and end up disrespecting other laws- even the "misdemeanors" such as driving without insurance or license.

This is not a humanitarian, or racist, or bigoted, or republican or civil rights issue, or even anti immigrant as so many of these groups claim. This is a LAW issue. A Safety issue. This is an American Issue, not a global community problem as Obama and others, including Mexico's own Vicente Fox has claimed. Fox has no right to say anything anyway. Have you seen the immigration laws of Mexico lately?!
The Federal government has dropped the ball on this for decades, and the States and their people are suffering for it. Through higher crime, senseless murder, higher taxes, lower wages- all because people are breaking the law to come here undocumented. These groups who claim to be compassionate and even those who call it the "Christian thing to do" in giving these people amnesty need to get with real life. How is is compassionate to allow them to be deprived of all the goodness and freedom to thrive in this country in the ways which millions of legal immigrants have done since the foundation? When one is hiding in a trunk of a vehicle, starving and dehydrated in the desert, at the whim of human traffickers, made to live in fear of being caught- you call that compassionate? How is it Christian to allow people to break the law? Even when a society's law contradicts Biblical law, which in this case it is not, there are other avenues to change society's law- not by giving people the idea to break it.

Yes, the Bible tells us to care for the alien in our midst- and to take care of the less advantaged. However, the Bible is clear on obeying the Law, even governments who may be against the people. In Israel, any alien who came to Israel, was allowed, but they were to conform to Israeli ways, they were to forget the gods of their ancestors and turn to the Lord God of Israel. They were to adopt Israeli festivals, feasts and traditions, and Israeli Law.

In years past, when people came to America's shores from such far away places, they knew that they were in a Blessed, Free land. They integrated. Sure, they still held to their old world traditions, language and religious backgrounds, but they also learned the ways and language of America, and worked hard to make this country their home. They took and swore an oath. (So help me who?) That is still the case for so many of us who have come here since, but unfortunately, it's no longer the same Nation. Now we are a nation of mini nations- we are a hyphenated society, everyone is something else first, American last.

I am not a Canadian American. I am not a citizen yet, but I still call myself an American. I still celebrate my Canadian roots, but I do not expect others to celebrate with me, and I certainly do not expect the rest of the country to conform to my roots. As long as I live in America, I will respect and honor the Constitution of this country. I do not fly the Maple Leaf above the Stars and Stripes, not even side by side. Stars and Stripes are my flag now- as long as I live in America.

I know that I have ruffled feathers in the past by stating that America is not found in the Bible. I know. I love America too- or what America used to be. It's hard to think that America will no longer be the shining city on a hill, the freedom for millions world over, and the help of the world. But the Truth of it is, that the world is quickly coming to an end, as written in the Bible and America, while it was the Super power of the world and one would expect to see a super power mentioned, America is no where to be found in Bible Prophecies concerning the end times. This incident of so called racial bigotry and humanitarian crisis is just another nail in the coffin of America.
Imagine. Kids being sent home from school- simply for being proud of America. Who would believe it. Only since I started studying the Word of the Lord, would I know that this is believable.


Heli gunner Tom said...

Dear Carolyn,
You are my sister in Christ and Heaven is your real Home. That 'citizenship' has more clout than any other. I enjoy ALL of your emails and Blog posts immensely! I wish I had my spell check while writing these comments... lol.
God Bless you and your loved ones.

Warm Regards, and Brotherly Love,
Tom and Sharon Schuckman
Union Grove, Wisconsin

Jenny said...

As i have said before i don't always understand US politics but i do know that the world seems to be going mad very fast. Especially the western world. It's getting very scary for christians over here right now and laws, legel precedents are being changed week by week and not in our favour.

Jenny <><

Christy said...

Thank you Carolyn! You truly put this so perfectly, so very perfectly. As you know I am a born and raised American, and to have someone who came to America legally, and follows the law, and most importantly follows the Bible and knows the TRUTH and loves our Lord.....just thank you!

Anonymous said...




Barbara said...

Great article Carolyn! It was nice to hear from a legal alien and thier views. Yes, we had out taxpayer aide hand over fist to illegals. We turn our heads to the many who are not here legally. I am not anti Mexican. I'm not anti immigration. I hope Lady Liberty never stops extending her arms to the poor, the those who are oppressed or who have something to contribute to America and are excited about it. But as a nation, we should have never slacked up on trying to enforce immigration laws and make people come legally. We should of never started handing out aide or liscenses to illegals.
And Yes, we are ALL actually required to be able to show identification any time we are out and about in public.

This to me is more errosion of states rights. States right to govern themselves, within the umbrella of the US Constitution. No one in Texas, Maine, the UK or anywhere has any right to impose thier views or thier will upon the people of Arizona. The US has laws and processes to check and balance states laws against the constitution.

Personally, I applaude them! Hope Texas follows them.

RIVER Organization Christian Church said...

Well said, Carolyn. Two thumbs up and a toe.

I liked reading the Mexican Immigration law, too.


Mik said...

as an AMERICAN of mexican descent, I know I'm firmly in the (wait for it) minority ( because I am considered a person of "color" and supposedly should follow in lock step with others of my ilk. Sorry, I don't conform to those things. I prefer to think for myself. And I think this was a brilliant post Carolyn. I have people say to me "But Mik, you're a minority!" to which I always reply: "look, I'm 6 foot 2, I weigh on the wrong side of 3 bills (300 lbs) and I think for myself. There is not a dang thing "minor" about me!" Then I tell them to go smoke on that! Keep on keeping on Carolyn. You're doing the right thing.