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"Few if any recent generations could sit with a Bible in one hand and their newspapers in the other and see the fulfillment of prophecy, but for us it’s almost routine." Jack Kelly

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Are We Ready to Man the Battle Stations?

Sometimes I don't know if my imagination is running away with me. Most times, I know that there are things going on which most people would say I'm crazy for believing in. Others, like me, know that times are coming, times foretold about, which are real and not just a figment of an overactive imagination.

My favorite books and movies are the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, which I just finished watching this evening. Maybe this is the reason for my present mood- which is a mix of hope, sadness, faith and melancholy. Any time I read (or watch) I see so much of a parallel between our reality and the struggle for middle earth, which in the fantasy, the victory over evil was helped to be won by a small group of folk, among them future king, an elf, dwarf, regal men and 4 small hobbits. The thing which makes this victory so incredible is not just the mighty men who fought, but the small, seeming quiet and insignificant hobbits, which without them, middle earth would have been lost and been subject to the evil master Sauron. These little folk knew that they weren't built for battle, and had never imagined life outside of their comfortable "Shire". They never would have believed that they would be used in such mighty ways in which to destroy the evil which was ready to take over the world.

What I appreciate so much about this movie is not necessarily the fight of good vs. evil. More in the character of those who fought. These characters were not usually brothers in arms- example, dwarfs and elves were almost enemies, and men were not high on the list of either race. Hobbits were unknown to many men, and thought insignificant by most others. With the fellowship of the ring, these folk were brought together by a purpose much larger than themselves, and knowing that the future of middle earth depended on their purpose, they banded together to do what they didn't want to have to do.

Loyalty to one another was the biggest part, because without loyalty, they would not be able to fight alone in singular battles. Bravery- to go into the heat, not knowing the outcome, but going anyway, because to run away was unthinkable. Courage to fight for something, believing though that the odds were so great for failure, but doing it anyway. Love- to put their lives before their friends, because death is temporary, but love lasts forever.

In our life time, we are seeing so many things coming into the world, which eventually will change the world as none have ever imagined. Those of us who know the prophecies and trust in the One who wrote them know that good will win, that evil will be thwarted for ever. Those of us who trust in the prophecies of the Bible- and the Word of God, have a choice. We can sit back and let others do the jobs in which our Lord asks all of His to do, or we can go boldly forward to battle. What we do will not bring about prophecies any faster, nor will whatever we do slow down the time of the end. All we can do is do whatever our Lord calls us to do- the rest is all in His time.

Will I ever be asked to go forward in the front of battle? I have no idea really. I know sometimes I feel like I'm tired of living a quiet life- seeming insignificant, never really moving away from my comfort zone. I have yet to really have need to show or act courageously. Loyal and showing love? I sure hope so- but that's something that I won't know the full impact on anything until my part is done.I hope I can know my role- if I hear and obey my Lord's battle plans for me. I don't want to go into the heat of the battle, the front lines- but if it is required, I pray that I can go with hope and courage, the strength of Jesus going before me. Much like the Lady Eowen, I want to go if asked- if only my Lord would ask me, because I don't want to live out my life in comfortable obscurity, which is expected of most people these days. I don't want to go into battle- but I don't want to sit back and give up either. The Bible talks about everyone who is in the Body of Christ. I may only be a toe- small, usually ignored or insignificant, but if there's a pain in the toe- the whole body is effected. I want to be where the Lord asks me to be. Am I ready to listen to Him? Are you?

Will we be living quiet Christian lives, going about without shining light in our evil world? Will we sit by as lies and corruption take over? To let cruelty go on without raising our voices? Or will we follow the Lord's plan for each of us- most likely taking us where we don't really want to go, but knowing that if we choose to "stay in the Shire", people who don't know of coming dangers will die because of our inaction?

People think I'm crazy because I see the Bible in every news story of every day. People think I'm jugemental, mean, and bigoted because I trust in the Whole Word of the Lord. Because I know Jesus is the only way- the Life the Truth and the Only Way. I'm used to that. Will I be able to stand- much like Stephen, before the persecutors who kill me? Will I be able to stand and show Christ while in chains like Paul? The thought of those things make me afraid- but the outcome, I know that is where what hope I have lies. I pray I can live for Christ- with loyalty, be in chains for Him with bravery and courage, show His love when I am in death for His sake. What about you my brothers and sisters?

Frodo asks Sam, "What are we fighting for Sam?" "We're fighting for what's good in the world Mr. Frodo.
Jesus tells us this world will pass- but we need to fight for what's good in the next. The only good- Jesus, whom so many still do not know or believe. We need to fight for them. I don't want to be quiet anymore.


Tracy said...

fighting with you for God

Christopher said...

This post alone shoes you are not silent. Keep up the Good Fight and God Bless.

natalie said...

hi sweetie!
Please come by my blog at Lurkynat
I need comments about how you feel about: the new year, Haiti , the victims and the Marines, Martin Luther King Day and Jeanette being ill!
Please go by and see Jeanette and pray for her..she says it is serious can you give me your opinion later? hugs,natalie
p.s. this is a beautiful entry .My favorite part I focused on was your portrayal of the loyalty and love given by the little people to one another and how that is missing nowadays! Bravo

natalie said...

Also please go by and see Laini
she is quilting something for Mark and she started crying..they have posted her way up in Montana!
oh coold!She writes the Reel t and another blog about their faith and their marrage

Mik said...

Hey you,
I loved this post... now the one thing that stood out to me was your wondering if you were going to be called to lead? Carolyn, in my mind, you already ARE... when I feel down or start backsliding, I get re-invigorated by your writings because they make me think. They teach and inspire. As for Mr Frodo, I can't ever look at Sean Astin without chanting "Rudy, Rudy, Rudy..." What's a Notre Dame fan to do?

God Bless You and yours Carolyn...