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Monday, November 23, 2009

God Does Judge

I was reading a commentary by WorldNet Daily's Joseph Farah earlier tonight, and it was a well written form of something that has been on my mind for quite a long time. You can read his column here. His article basically said that Government does not give rights (they are, as our Founding Fathers recognized, given by God) and that government can not, and should not condone sin. The fact that the homosexual lobby has been so successful in the past decade to not only push for tolerance, but for acceptance under threat of prosecution (through hate crimes legislation), is like a plumb line of how far America, and many other countries have drifted so far into immorality. Now, before I get called out as a homophobe or intolerant bigot, or whatever else, it's not only homosexuality which is such a rampant and public acceptance of sin in our society. It's all sexual sin- whether adultery, homosexuality, pornography, pedophilia, and the high numbers of kids having sex. All these things are rampant in our society, and it shows how far we have gone from God.

I find that for the homosexual issues, is that when Lawrence Vs Texas was big news, about allowing homosexuality to be legal in that state, the main question was what right does anyone have to go into a private bedroom and dictate what 2 consenting adults can do?
I can admit that's a fair question, and the answer is clearly- no one has that right. However- and that's a BIG however, when that practice steps out of the bounds of personal property and openly flaunts it in the public forum, and when it is forced by threats of law, that's when it no longer is private and only between 2 people.

Private sin- that is, the behavior between one person and God, is just that- between them and God. When the State, or Country government allows, promotes and affirms such as a special right, which is to be accepted - that makes it a national sin, no longer between one person and God but the whole society and God. When homosexuals have their "gay pride" parades, they openly flaunt and outrageously shove something the majority of society believe is abhorrent and sinful behavior. When homosexual groups go after churches and individuals because we oppose same sex marriage, it is no longer private. When these same groups trample the Constitutional will of the people of states, it is no longer private. It is now between the states and God.
It was interesting that while I was reading the commentary, the other big entertainment story of the day was Adam Lambert's performance at the American Music Awards. I don't watch TV much at all, but once in a while I still like to watch who is doing well in shows such as American Idol. I like music and appreciate talented regular folks and like to see those unknowns find a big break in shows such as Idol. For those of you who don't know who he is, Lambert was last year's runner up- a very talented guy, whom many thought would win.

Anyway, Lambert is gay. His performance at the AMC Awards was to put it mildly, a sort porn performance. Many of the comments were negative of his "show", and rightly so. This kind of act has no place on public TV, especially when teens and preteens across the country are watching. Some of the comments were not surprising (in our present society) positive, and those accused the negatives as being mean or bigoted. Most of those, and Lambert himself brought up the point that he's not the first to have a sexually provocative performance. One only has to see Madonna, Britney Spears and even lately Miley "Hanna Montana" Cyrus ( another Hollywood worldly and confused Christian) to see such sexually charged acts. They are right. There have been many- from the Madonna/Spears kiss, Madonna strutting around in pointy bras, Cyrus doing a pole dance and the famous "wardrobe malfunction" of Janet Jackson- not to mention Michael Jackson's seeming affliction which made him constantly grab his lower regions every other dance move.

My point here is not to dredge up all this porn- it's to show that our society is sick, but we have ignored our heavenly Healer!

When the very Church ordains openly gay clergy, that is between the church and God. God's Word clearly condemns homosexuality, and it also says that God does judge nations for sinful behavior. Farah points out in his article, what happens to a nation which is unrepentant of national sin (which always begins as personal sin)- He leaves the people to their own, gives them over to their sinful and destructive ways. When a nation forgets or ignores the Lord, that nation will fall into worse and worse public behavior until it ultimately destroys itself.

It is the same thing with all sexual sin. That's why it doesn't matter when people such as Adam Lambert and his fans claim that others have done it- so let him be. It doesn't make it right- and it was never right no matter who does it. When we have preachers in the church who are adulterers, such as Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson, our churches are sick. When our church is sick, it's no wonder that our society is sick. Robinson is openly gay, but the other issue is that he was married, and pursued his homosexual relationship when he was married- that is adultery. We have men like Ted Haggard who had sexual relations outside of marriage. We have no real difference in the church divorce rates to the unchurched. Our kids are learning sex at younger and younger ages. Pornography is rampant. Pornography also knows no difference between Christian men and non believers. Porn is ruining families, harming children and even fracturing church homes. Pedophilia and crimes against children are growing to a daily occurrence. Abortion is a huge issue as more kids are allowed to kill their babies without parental knowledge, and in some cases, minors are victims of rape, but the rape is allowed to continue due to "privacy rights". Our nation is sick.

These all start out as a personal sin. What starts in a person's own life, their own heart, grows without repentance, and spreads into and affects the rest of society. We are seeing serious signs of being under judgement from God. I shudder to think of what else will come as our nation's sin waxes worse as the Lord leaves us to our own. I pray He will help us, but I can't blame Him if He doesn't.


Christy said...

Thank you for writing/sharing this. My heart is so heavy for all the sin not so much in the world, but when I narrow it down just the US. It's heartbreaking and so completely disturbing. I just want to scream sometimes "what is wrong with you? WHY do you keep doing this to yourselves. Why is our nation so accepting of this idea that "anything goes, we can do what ever we want and that GOD will forgive them", they HAVE To repent. They have to understand and accept that they've sinned and that they must stop that sin.

Honestly this may sound very crass, but it's like they're flipping GOD off, telling him he's the one in the wrong. There's no reguard, love, or fear of GOD. Oh why happened to our Nation? It breaks my heart.

Heli gunner Tom said...

Hi Carolyn,
I am sure that the devil manipulates all these weighty sins of people and the Nations so as to over whelm we biblical Christians and make us all the more depressed-- just as in Ezechiel's day when the very elders in the temple were sinning grossly against God. Shame. It's good for us to have godly friends to share and encourage.

Bro. Tom
Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70
Jesus is Lord.

Mik said...

It is annoying when you see what could be for this nation but so many others want to make this a secular nation. While D.C. and Hollyweird might do that, I do NOT. This is a CHRISTian nation and while there is so much acceptance of what passes for entertainment, Adam Lambert?? Puh-leeze... Hey Adam, if you want tips on how to be provocative in the music industry, read up on Boy George. I couldn't stand him, but at least when you stripped him of the make up and gawdy behavior, the guy could sing. Or check out Marilyn Manson. That guy's music is straight outta hell, but the guy did eke out a living with minimal makeup and a colored eye contact.
Sorry, Carolyn... as usual, you are so effective in evoking an emotion in me about a topic. Even though you were writing about how personal sin can develop into so much more, I read about the whole Adam Lambert thing, and it just

Have a blessed and very happy Thanksgiving Carolyn,


Barbara said...

No man/woman is an island. Every sin we commit, whether it be one of commission or ommission, effects people around us in an ever widening circle just as a rock skipped into water starts ripples that circle out from the center.

And God does judge nations just as he judges individuals. If either go too far from his will and way he will leave them to thier reprobate mind to suffer in their disobedience.

Christopher said...

Carolyn, Thank you for stopping by at my blog! Being you have several I hope you see this in a timely manner.Keep up the good work,your words speak the truth.

natalie said...

Carolyn thank you for writing on my blog.
SI there a chance you would write on my blog concerning your opinion of Saint Nicholas?

natalie said...

Dear Carolyn,
what do you say to scientists and physicians who are saying now that some people have a gay gene in their DNA?
I find that the media judges us and all of the popular set cruelly ...

Carolyn said...

Hi Nat- I don't doubt that some scientists have found certain genes, but as for any other sin ful behavior, it really is a matter of self control. It's really no different than some people have a gene which makes them alcoholic, drug addicts or sexually promiscuous- that is some who are addicted to sex. I'm not picking on homosexuals Nat. It's in the Bible, God inspired the Biblical authors to write His Word. And homosexuality is not the only thing that is in the Lord's eye, an abomonation.
God made us all, but He also gave us free will to sin or try and give up sin, so matter the sin. Adultery is also listed in some references to homosexual and other sexual sin. I don't necessarily condemn a homosexual person (although many take it as such) especially those who are not Christian. However, one who professes to be Christian, is not living in a Christ relationship if they remain unrepented in the lifestyle. It's no different than an unrepentant adulterer or lier or thief. I pointed out the homosexual parts because I am pointing to the church for promoting and enabling sin without repentance- an that is wrong. Christians are to rebuke other believers, and when it's the church leadership, it is worse because they are leading or helping others to sin without loving them enough to help them overcome. Gays can over come Nat, just like anyone else with other sin habits. It's not easy, but it is possible.
As far as non christians go, we can only tell them about Jesus, point out that we are all sinners, and that no matter the sin, He did die for us. It is though as He says, Go and sin no more. If they accept Jesus, they must, as we all must accept His Whole Person.
Again, some see this as hateful, but think that even among Biblical Christians who help homosexuals to repent, we are called hate mongers, homophobes and worse because we love people enough to show them the love of Christ through His Salvation. Other religions would stone or behead these folks without lovingly trying to help them.
Hope this helps Nat. :-)