No Apologies Round Two

"Few if any recent generations could sit with a Bible in one hand and their newspapers in the other and see the fulfillment of prophecy, but for us it’s almost routine." Jack Kelly

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Not Really Goodbye

It seems like I've been at this forever. Blogging, I mean. I've talked politics, societal issues, Biblical principals and views on hot topics. I've tried to bring Biblical prophecies to a simpler understanding. I've tried to be informative and open- all to show just how relevant the Bible is to our day and age.

I hope I've made people think, hope I've opened eyes and maybe even hearts on many issues which effect us all. I've never intended to write for any kind of glory, but only out of wanting people to understand some of what a born again Bible believing Christian is all about, hoping to bring people a little closer to Jesus, and to bring truth from a Biblical perspective. I have only wanted to bring glory to the Lord- not myself. I hope I've done that.

I have made some wonderful friends through blogs, and met so many brothers and sisters in the Christian faith, that I am so blessed by you all.

I don't want to quit- don't even know if I could, even if I wanted to. Seems like there is just too much going on to keep myself quiet, but I am tired. It is too much too keep up with everything, trying to gather information and put it all out here, investigating and sifting through everything, trying to put it all together so as not to bore people. Frankly, I'm worn out. I think others are worn out even visiting- seeing the "same old, same old" serious stuff. I don't blame you. Seems like all I write about is depressing, pessimistic and dire.

I have a different hope though, than the world. I don't look to politicians to save us and our planet. I have a Savior already, and from all the seeming depressing stuff, I only see more signs of His coming so soon!

I don't want to quit- I want people who don't yet, have the same hope I do. I want people to understand that Christians aren't the only ones who see a huge change coming in the world- and I'm not talking the great obama either. The Bible- it is happening now. All the news headlines are ripped from Bible.

What I may do for a while, because I can't quit, is put out the news under Prophetic headlines and those who want to check them out can. That way, I won't put out a bunch of information and opinions of mine that people don't want to read. Please check back when you want or can, as I will try and update each week. I'm sorry that I haven't been up to doing much lately- you know who you are, and I do love you all. I just have not been myself lately.

God Bless you all, and maybe I will be back if something really big happens. Keep Israel in mind. Love you all~ Carolyn


Mik said...

well Carolyn,
If you're tired, then you're tired. But don't ever worry about what others think of your work. You need to do what needs to be done. Then you start to do what is possible. And suddenly, without realizing, you're doing the impossible. Just keep in touch and YES, I happen to like to read your opinions... That's partly why I read your blog, EH? :)

Do what you must, dear heart, but know that you are appreciated out here and we enjoy your work and enjoy you too... God Bless you dear friend.


Jenny said...

You've done a great job and perhaps time for a rest and sometimes a change is as good as a rest they say. Fancy telling us your testimony and what God is doing in your life today.
Jenny <><

natalie said...

Carolyn don't quit! and please go by and see your buddy Sam (baldy) and Bill from Bear' s Den!
we need you!
Happy St. Pats Day!