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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sunset on America

Since the election results last night, I have had many, many different thoughts run through my head. My first reaction honestly was to cry. I cried hard. Some folks may think I'm a little over dramatic, after all, it's only just another election. That though, is wrong. It was not just some election. There is so much more to it. I have not been shy about how much I dearly have loved this country. I know I'm not alone. I think what I always loved about America was the grit and determination of not only the people blessed to be born here, but also of those who have come here. Many emigrants to America came with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. Many of these folks found a way to work, and through lots of hard work and more importantly, a thrifty and downright plain and simple life. They put off extravagance and spending money on anything because they knew that eventually their hard work and simple living would pay off to where they could own their own home and buy their own business. The Constitutional and Biblical belief that America had always lived by, that ALL men were truly equal, was a reality to so many who had never had a chance to live as equals. After all, in America we had people of all backgrounds and nationalities achieve great things.America knew from whom she received her bounty and wealth. America knew that God was the sole reason for her existence. When America recognised and gave thanks to God- America prospered. She was the breadbasket to the world. Her colleges and universities were the greatest in the world. So great that people form other countries would send their children to America for educations which were unequaled anywhere else. America was the beginning of the Industrial revolution- the first automobile, assembly line, electricity. America had the biggest boom of the roaring 20's. But then, America forgot where her blessings had come from. After the enlightenment and socialist and humanistic philosophies from France and the French revolution, people began to question, then mock the existence of an Almighty God, and have been searching out every other god and idea ever since.
We have come to the end of what has been called the Great Experiment which is America. We have gone from a day of Thanksgiving and prayer proclaimed by the President of the United States, to giving thanks to every other god under the sun from the halls of congress. We have gone from God Bless America to God d*** America. We have gone from being the world's defender to the blame of all the world's problems. We have gone from being Israel's greatest friend, to giving and planning the wholesale slaughter of her people by land grabs to her enemies! We have gone from Colleges and Universities such as Harvard, Yale and William and Mary which were all started as Christian Seminaries, to these same colleges and universities filled with professors who teach atheism, humanism and communism. What began as a New Republic, the first truly free nation on earth, one in which the very Government branches- the Legislative, the Judicial and the Executive, were based on the core of Biblical principals, has become almost tyrannical, ungodly and a Marxist welfare state, where the government rules the people instead of the People ruling the government.We have gone from that great cry given by Patrick Henry's "Give me liberty or give me death!' to just plain give me, give me!We've gone from caring for and loving our children to murdering them on the alter of personal indulgences and greed. We've gone from caring for our parents in their old age to shoving them into "homes" and going on to live our own lives.We've gone from answering the call to arms against the world's aggressors to sympathising with the enemy at the expense of our men and women in harms way.
My fellow Americans- it pains my heart to say, America is finished. You may believe that I am over dramatic, but America has fallen. We have gone from America Blessed by God, to America under Just and Righteous Judgement from God. Thomas Jefferson once wrote that he feared for this country, that God's justice would not sleep forever. Well, God's justice has not slept forever. When we have mocked Him, cheated Him, ignored Him, asked Him for Blessings while kicking Him out of our schools, our courthouses, our publicly owned government, when we have not taught our children His ways, His commandments and even worse, when our churches and pastors have taken out the message of the redeeming Cross to replace our Savior with a "whatever you want him to be, he is" type of christ- God has finally given us over to our own desires and deviances. In a way, He has let us judge ourselves, and it is exactly what so many have been working toward.
This morning, I thought, well, at least the Marriage Amendment passed here in Florida and more importantly, in California. That should say there are enough people who still believe in the Biblical Institution of marriage, right?! But consider this. What kind of society have we made when we actually have to even consider a state ban against gay marriage?!
We have allowed the gay agenda to permeate our entertainment industry, our government, our public government schools! We have allowed the gay movement to gain acceptance, not just tolerance! We have celebrated gay clergy in the church! We have allowed the Bible to be portioned out to allow for unBiblical behavior and lifestyles in the church!
We have men of GOD who have sinned publicly, and in many instances, they have been given a free pass. After all, we are all sinners right? Right, we are most definitely, but to have such an epidemic of sexual sin in all our denominations of the Church points to a festering sickness in our church! We allow our pastors to live as the world lives and teach tickling messages of love and tolerance, all the while editing sin and the cross out of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS! What has happened to Biblical Correctness?! It has been practically labeled as hate speech!
Can anyone wonder why America has just elected an admitted Marxist to be our next president? Can anyone wonder why people who believe he is the messiah who will give them everything they want turned out in droves to vote for nothing more than a bunch of free stuff?! Can anyone wonder why our constitution is no longer a part of the American fibre, when even a Christian president has declared it as no more than a d***ed piece of paper?!
People, I am no prophet. I wish I were, but let me venture to warn you where America is in this point in History. First of all, the popular saying is that History repeats itself. Well, we are witnessing this repetition now. We are not only Israel being led into bondage under Babylon, but also the downfall of the Roman Empire. We are the beginning of the Nazi regime.
We will be headlong into a socialist regime before long. It will start off innocently enough. A few judicial appointments here and there, the passage of a few bills, such as the fairness doctrine and the Employment Non Descrimination Act, and Hate crimes legislation. Soon, it will be abortion across the board, with all parental provisions, partial birth provision and conscience provisions will be removed. Parents will not have a right to know, partial birth abortion rates will rise, and doctors and nurses will no longer be exempt from having to perform abortions on conditions of Religious beliefs.
We will be witnessing not only homosexual marriage and special treatments, but not long after, such practices of polygamy, incest and even bestiality will be lawful and even promoted.

Parents will not be allowed to make decisions on their children's education. If homeschooling is even allowed anymore, it will be federally controlled and allowable only with federally sanctioned curriculum. Children will be brought up and raised by the state, and given over to community organizations where they will be taught to protest all archaic morals and values systems.

We will be ruled over by a new "community militia", where our 2nd Amendment rights will be no longer held valid.
Our economy will be in the tank, all the free stuff promised will have to be paid for by someone, and all those evil and selfish rich corporations will go bankrupt paying for it all.
Pastors will be told what they are allowed to teach on Sundays, and no mention of sin will be tolerated out of people's feelings being hurt and damaged. Public reading of the Bible will be outlawed. Speaking against homosexuality, abortion, and telling others the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ will be no longer allowed for such speech is hateful and intolerant.
A few years ago, I wrote about the fact that America is not found in the Bible. It is not mentioned at all in any prophecies about the end times. I wondered how such a country such as America could not be mentioned. After all, America was once the Shining City on a Hill. It was the leader of Democracy. It was the greatest, most Blessed Nation on the face of the earth! America was once a Godly Nation!
It didn't take long to fall did it? The sun has set on America, and we are entering into the last days. Do not fear, if you are faithful to the Lord. Be strong and Stand on the WORD of the Lord! be courageous and bold, be strong and not faint of heart. He is with us! We need to spend our time showing everyone we know the Good News which is desperately needed in this darkening country. There are more being readied for the final harvest. For my brothers and sisters in Christ, I look forward, as you do, or should to His return. I am weary of this world and it's deceit and lies. I look forward to meeting you all soon, after I meet my Lord and Savior of course!
If you do not know Jesus Christ as your Savior, please, find a Bible, and crack it open to the Gospel of John. It's the 4th book of the New Testament. It will show you Jesus Christ, it will explain to you how Jesus died for you because He loves you so much! It will tell you how you can have a saving relationship with Him, and an eternity with Him when He comes again soon. Please don't hang around, waiting to decide as the world goes to hell in a hand basket. You may not have much more time to wait. He is ready to gather you to Him now. Please open your heart to Him. You'll be so glad you did.


Dirk said...

Excellent post, Carolyn! I think you're right & I also think that we're in the last few minutes of the last days. The sands in the hourglass are almost gone.


Barbara said...

I do believe that America is on a downhill slide into an abyss. Not because one man was elected president, but because of our national turning away from God and our heritage as a nation. I do also believe the world is in or entering into the "end times". And finally, I still believe that God is in control over all and that I can count on His will being accomplished whatever the hour, whatever the day.

Nelishia said...

Our country has turned its heart to other gods and Lady Liberty bows her knee at the altar of self indulgence and immoralities. I see us becoming a third world country and a one world government in a very short time. There is a remnant in the body of Christ who knows that they will be martyred for His sake in this country and our country has never seen such a thing. People will kill us and laugh in mockery believing they are doing God a favor because we speak out against sin. The days of being able to even have blogs like this are ever shortening. We must determine ourselves to stand strong in the face of tribulation even if it means our own death. If we are threatened with heaven, taken them up on it immediately!


a corgi said...

very well written and thought out! America has been turning away from the Lord for such a long time; I keep saying and might have said it here that we say "God Bless America" but God shouldn't bless us; we have turned away from him, kicked him out of our schools, allowed abortions, gay marriages, etc, etc. etc. My pastor preached an excellent sermon this past Sunday about the upcoming election; one of the things he said was there are 30% Evangelical Christians in the US; he said why should we be surprised by the way nonbelievers vote? They don't know any different; I saw faces of people waiting last night for ourn new president elect to come out and speak and they had hope and joy on their faces; shouldn't that come from knowing Jesus and having a relationship with him? He is our hope; no man; but they don't know any different. We are in for sad times; but we will prevail because the Lord is in control. I will support our new president elect and I will pray for him daily because that is what the Lord would want me to do, as long as it doesn't go against what the Lord says and then no and I'll take whatever consequences there might be.


Jenny said...

I think a lot of what you say could be said of many countries right now. Time is very short and it is down to us to go out and make deciples, to obey the great commission. It is unfortunate that often the christian's faith is honed through persecution and that is coming fast. If we won't listen to God one way he will speak to us another.

Many blessings,
Jenny <><

Heli gunner Tom said...

Great post, Carolyn! If a person really understands the scriptures he/she will know that 'all good things must end' on earth and we were at the pinnacle of power and opulence in the USA. But we will fall as all the other super powers in history have. The average crest of a great power is about 200 years.. so go figure.
But now we don't go by man's ciphering, but by the Bible.
Things will be OK for Christians if we put God first and know His Word... I am sure!

Tom S

Penny said...

Oh Carolyn! What a tremendous and heartfelt post. I do not like what is happening to what I felt is the most pwerful nation in the world, whose land I felt like kissing after 15 years of service to the Lord in Mexico. I am sad for those who will live during this time without knowledge of Jesus Christ. I am not afraid. I know that He who gave me life will come again to take me and all Christians home. Until then I like you, will stand on the word of God. Blessings in Christ, Penny

Mik said...

As dismayed as I felt on election night, I continue to feel grateful that I live in this great nation. I hope that while I do believe that we are getting closer to the end times... that we can continue to find the good in each other and turn to God... We sure do need Him...